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Ford Explorer Corner Lights

Diagnosing Ford Explorer Corner Lights Problems

Car owners often neglect problems with corner lights because they do not know that these can be the first steps toward a bigger problem. We recommend that you avoid a bigger damage by solving the simple problems with your Ford Explorer corner lights immediately.

Lights would not turn off

It isn't really hard to miss that your car's corner lights are lit for a whole day-or since last week, if you're the observant type. There are also times when the lights won't turn off or on unless you flicked the switch or turned off the engine at least a hundred times.

As you may have guessed, this is not a problem with the light bulbs or with the electrical connections connected to the bulb; if these were the cases, then the lights shouldn't turn on. Since the corner lights are controlled by the car's ICU, the ICU would be the best suspect for this problem followed by the light switch. If the lights still go on at the first flick of the switch, the problem is likely the light switch and not the ICU; the wires there may be loose or burnt. If your problem is with the ICU, replacing it can possibly be the only way to go. However, it would help to consult a trusted mechanic before doing so.

Melted wires

In an opposite case from the above, corner lights can also not light up. There are two things to check for this problem: the bulb and the wires. Regardless if only one or both bulbs light up, there is a risk that the problem is not the bulb. Most of the time, the wire causes the problem. Since the assembly is constantly exposed to heat, the wires are prone to melting. If this is the case, then you just simply need to replace the wires.

Loose corner light assembly

The Ford Explorer corner light is another part that needs to be compatible with the rest of the assembly. If you bought a second-hand car, you should inspect the corner lights. If the previous owner installed an incompatible corner light, that would mean that the assembly is only being held by screws; a few more shakes would cause the entire assembly to fall out. Make sure that the corner lights are right for your car model by cross-checking the specs of the lights with your car's manual.

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  • Keeping Your Ford Explorer Corner Lights Bright

    The corner lights are not simply the added "umpf" for your car; they are primarily warning devices to keep you and the other drivers on the road safe. Make sure that corner lights fulfill their purpose by keeping them burning brightly; here are a few ways how:

    Always check the parts' compatibility to your car

    Though most car owners just put on whatever looks good, corner lights need to be appropriate to your car model. When replacing one of the lights or any other part for that matter, make sure to get one that is compatible with the rest of the assembly. Doing otherwise may risk damaging the assembly.

    Don't go too far when you customize it

    Most car owners now just look at how the lights would look on their vehicle (e.g. its color, its brightness, its cover). Don't get us wrong; there is nothing wrong with personalizing your car. What we're trying to say is that you should at least try to keep it minimal. As said above, the corner lights need to be compatible with your car; putting in random parts is not advisable.

    If you want a brighter light, we recommend that you go for LED bulbs rather than getting a pimped-up corner light assembly. LED light bulbs are clearer than the stock bulbs and they are offered in a variety of color-this would be enough personalization, if you ask us.

    Clean the lenses regularly

    It wouldn't matter if you have LED bulbs or not if the lenses of your Ford Explorer corner lights are dirty or fogged. A good wipe or two wouldn't be too much of an effort. We recommend that you use the automotive soaps in the market. The solvents would help make sure that no dust or dirt would build-up in the surface.

    Wipe it with sandpaper

    After washing the corner light assembly, you can wipe it with sandpaper that is soaked with soap. A gentle wipe would clean and polish the assembly. However, this should not be done every time you wash the lenses. Do this twice a year, at the most, to avoid scratching the mirror.