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Ford Explorer Cornering Light

Taking a Good Look at a Busted Ford Explorer Cornering Light

The cornering lights of a vehicle give extra lateral illumination in whichever direction you intend to make a turn or switch lanes. Basically, they are located next to the turn signal lights, but instead of blinking, they light up steadily. It's noticeable if these go off and once they do, that's a confirmation that something's wrong with them. Here are some troubleshooting tips on how to find out if the Ford Explorer cornering light is about to get damaged.

Error messages

Once you start receiving error messages pertaining to the cornering light, then this indicates that you have to check it out. This is a sign that the light could be troubled and should be fixed right away. You can always refer to the vehicle manual to know which connections to work on. You can also do it by taking out both lights and the clip off the fender, where the connectors are joined. You should also pull out the connectors to be able to access the lights. Once you do, push the two connectors together, which gives you a correct connection that makes it tight and waterproof even when it rains or when you travel along a bumpy trail.

Foggy lenses

If you start noticing that the cornering light doesn't shine as bright as before and can't be seen in the sea of lights on the road, then it has probably accumulated enough dirt to make it foggy. This can be solved without replacing the whole cornering light. You can just carefully remove the lens and clean up any dirt buildup using fresh rags or paper towels.

Faulty light bulbs

If one of the cornering lights doesn't switch on, then it could be because of a faulty light bulb. It could also be due to a blown bulb or it's just about time to get a new one. You can find great bulbs from auto stores to get a replacement cornering light bulb.

Problematic connections

If you have replaced the bulb, but the cornering light still refuses to function, then it could be due to faulty wiring connections. Check the wires if they are worn because you'll need to get new ones. If you're not an expert in the field of wire replacement, you can just get professional service from a trusted mechanic.

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  • Ford Explorer Cornering Light Upkeep Guidelines

    The cornering light of a vehicle is very essential since this gives greater illumination whenever you choose to make a turn or switch lanes on the road. This is a great safety feature, especially when you're on the road at night and there are a lot of other vehicles. Just like other lamps, it's quite inevitable for this to get dirty, particularly if you drive in times of heavy rain or under the heat of the sun. Here are some tips that you can use to restore the condition of the Ford Explorer cornering light.

    Purchase the right cornering light.

    Sometimes, if a cornering light can't be fixed, you have no other choice left but to get your hands on a new one. Remember to take note that you should purchase one that's fit to work on the Ford Explorer to avoid any mistakes when installing the replacement light. You can even check the Internet for great websites and purchase from these online businesses.

    Regularly clean the cornering light.

    A fogged lens is a common problem due to the different road and weather conditions. If you don't deal with this issue right away, it can pose danger and will affect the performance of the cornering light. You can just simply fix this without the need to get this replaced with a new one. Just carefully take the lens out from the automobile and by using a soft-bristled brush to scrub it up with a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap. For better results, you can also apply toothpaste by using the same brush. Remember to get rid of the residues to avoid future buildup. This technique will surely allow you to restore the clarity of the cornering light lenses.

    Fix the problem right away.

    Take note that it's illegal to drive with faulty lights, so you'll surely have to fix the problem as soon as you sense there's one. To keep the cornering lights in good condition, don't take any issues for granted and avoid waiting for it to get fully damaged to do something. If there's a problem with the bulb, replace it with a new one. If it's a wiring or fuse problem, you can seek expert advice from a professional mechanic.