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Ford Explorer Cruise Control Switch

Problems Commonly Encountered with a Ford Explorer Cruise Control Switch

Long drives usually take the fun out of travel. Sometimes, the driver is too tired or too stressed to drive. Problems like this can quickly be solved with the help of cruise control. You can simply set the speed at which your car can go, and everything's fine. It is also a highly sought after piece of machinery which can help when driving at speed-limit restricted freeways. Losing the switch of the cruise control, however, transforms the thing into a useless decoration. Here are a few problems to look out for to avoid this scenario.

Non-responsive switch

A non-responsive switch always triggers a panic attack with some motorists, but this is no reason to panic. You should first check and see what is the problem. This switch is a part of a car's electronics and chances are, the problem is related to that. Check the cruise control fuse, which is located inside the fuse box right under the driver's console. Check for the fuse that is in question, and probe it with a test light. If only one or not one lights up the test light, then you have your problem.

Trouble with the touch

A cruise control on a Ford responds to certain commands given behind a switch found on the steering wheel of a car. It is best not to overlook anything in order to get to the root of the problem. A troubleshoot usually involves looking into the switch and looking to see if everything responds normally. If the control behaves normally like it should, and is operative, then there is nothing wrong. Checking the 'on/off' button, 'accelerate' and 'resume' buttons is a good thing to do.

Defective control switches

There are two important switches on a cruise control and both initiates a specific action of the car. One switch is for the brake. It electrically disengages the brake when pressed. This switch actually is used for automatically pressing the brake at a given time and stopping at a given interval. The next is the clutch switch, which works similarly as the brake switch.

These two being non-responsive usually means something is wrong. Check the fuse and the switches to find out what is the issue with them.

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  • Keeping your Ford Explorer Cruise Control Switch in Good Condition

    Cruise control, in most cars, is a necessity and not luxury. During long drives where you may get tired, the cruise control is a welcome respite to the stress of driving and seeing a long winding road ahead of you. On some cars, a cruise control can be determined by the flick of a switch. This switch is a good addition for people who don't always use cruise control. The thing is, though, they tend to succumb to problems that are common with electronic devices. In order to keep this from happening, here are a few tips in keeping your cruise control switch working.

    Make sure you have the correct switch

    Cruise control switches are electronic devices which have a specific set of wiring. Since it is an electronic device, it requires the right wiring and the right diagram for it to work. In some model cars, the control switch has a different set of wiring as compared to later models. Some revision model switches would not work with other revision model sockets, and vice versa. Before you go off changing your car's cruise control switch, make sure that your have the correct part for your car.

    Check the fuse box for problems

    As an electronic device, the cruise control switch is a part of a network of fuses. This is housed inside a fuse terminal located under the driver's side dash. In event of a short or burn-out, these fuses are always suspect for their tendency to be the source of the problem. At the first sign of trouble, never hesitate to check the fuse box, and replace burnt-out fuse and wiring before using the cruise control again.

    Check if the switch responds to input

    Switches run the system. They are used mostly to input codes and settings into the systems. When there is a problem with the electrical system, these switches fail to respond to any kind of touch from you. Check if they respond to your touches at first. If not, see if there's something wrong with the controls on the cruise control.

    Tinker with the computer

    To remember your settings and your preferences, cruise controls use a computer to record each event. Check the connections and wiring of the computer if everything seems fine, but the switch does not respond. Usually a loose wire or a computer cable replacement can repair the computer system of the cruise control.