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Ford Explorer Sport Trac Door Handle

Frequent Faults encountered with a Ford Explorer Sport Trac Door Handle

Entering and exiting your Ford Explorer Sport Trac should be easy with fully functional door handles. However, there are probably times when too much force was used when gripping the handles. This may lead to the parts' breakage since they are not exactly crafted with tensile strength. If you think your Ford Explorer Sport Trac door handles are already in need of replacement, then here are some of the common problems encountered with them and some troubleshooting tips:

Outside door handle is damaged

If you apply too much pressure when opening your auto's outside door handles, then there's a great possibility that the parts will break. You see, these door handles are not exactly built with greater durability, so you'll have to take extra caution when opening the doors. If they are already damaged, then your best option is a replacement. Your outside door handles should be secured by two bolts accessible through the door's inside. You also need to unscrew several door components before the bolts that secure the outside door handle will be visible. Take note that a DIY replacement is quite time consuming, especially for beginners. So, if you do not have the patience, then you should consider taking your vehicle to an auto shop.

Inside door handle is damaged

Compared to a defective outside door handle, repairing an inside door handle is much simpler. And just like the previously mentioned defect, a damaged inside door handle is a common occurrence for drivers who apply too much force when opening the doors. Luckily, you will only need to pry off a few screws to access and replace the handle. In fact, you will only need Phillips and flathead screwdrivers. Just unscrew the door panel first before unhooking the old door handle from the handle wires. Once done, the screws holding the handle should now be exposed. Simply pry them off to replace the handle.

Rust beneath door handles

Rusting spots beneath door handles are usually caused by a rusting washer or nut inside the door assembly. These corroding parts should be replaced immediately. If they are left unaddressed, the rust spots may spread out towards the assembly and eventually lead to costly repairs.

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  • Simple Ways to Keep a Ford Explorer Sport Trac Door Handle in Good Shape

    Your Ford Explorer Sport Trac would be inaccessible without fully functional door handles. You see, these handles are often forgotten since they are not as large as other car parts. In fact, most of the drivers fail to do maintenance and cleaning. Car owners should know that with constant use and exposure to damaging elements like dirt and grime, the door handles may eventually break. So if you want to prevent this from happening, then here are a few, simple ways to keep your Ford Explorer Sport Trac door handles in their best shape possible:

    Avoid using too much force when opening car doors.

    Your door handles are not exactly built with strength and durability. Add the fact that they are constantly used, and what you have is a recipe for early wear and tear. You can easily avoid this situation by being a little extra careful when opening the doors. In fact, you really don't need that much force to open the car doors. A soft pull on the handles should be enough.

    Replace rusting door components.

    With constant exposure to weather elements, you may find that some parts of the door assembly to exhibit corrosion over time. Sometimes, the rust spots are present beneath the door handles. This is because there are several steel components in the assembly. When you find rust already, detach the whole assembly and replace any rusting parts. The most common part to show signs of rust is a washer or a nut. If a rusting component is left unaddressed, the damage may spread out and eventually lead to costly repairs.

    Wash the door handles with a degreaser.

    Cleaning the door handles should not be a complicated task. All you need is a sponge and a degreaser to remove dirt and grime off of the dirt handles. You should also use a dish detergent to wash off the dirt particles. With the use of a water hose, rinse the parts thoroughly and dry them with a clean cloth afterwards. This cleaning procedure is also a good way of promoting paint adhesion in case your door handles' paint job is already flaking.