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Ford Explorer Sport Trac Fog Lights

Usual Problems Encountered with a Faulty Ford Explorer Sport Trac Fog Lights

Having a good set of fog lights for your Ford Explorer Sport Trac is crucial when you need to drive in hazy weather conditions. Unlike other automotive lights, these fog lights are specially designed to give more visibility and reduce glare when you are driving down a foggy road. So if you suspect them to be defective, then better troubleshoot immediately. Here are a few common problems encountered with defective Ford Explorer Sport Trac fog lights.

Single bulb failure

When just a single fog light is not working, check the part for a burnt out bulb. Removing the fog light bulb should not be that complicated. In fact, it requires mostly the detaching of screws. Once the screws are loose and the bulb is removed, inspect for signs of broken filaments. If you find one, then you should definitely find a replacement. In other cases, you will find hints of corrosion in the socket or connecting wires. This also affects the lights' condition, so make sure you maintain them too.

Both fog lights fail to work

Unlike a single bulb failure, when both fog lights fail to light, the first thing you should check is if there is enough electricity flowing to and from the fuse. For troubleshooting, you will need to use a voltmeter. You can buy one at your local auto supply store if you don't have one at home. If you don't get a reading with the device, then you have a faulty fuse. In some instances, you might also need to use the voltmeter to check if the fog light switch is defective. Additionally, check for corroding wires. There are cases when rodents found their way inside a vehicle's wiring system and chewed off the wires.

Fluctuating fog lights

When you find fog lights to flicker, especially when you accelerate, then you might have a faulty alternator. You see, there is a possibility that the battery is not giving enough power. As a result, the fog lights often fluctuate and flicker, especially when you hit the gas pedal.

Foggy fog lights

Foggy or hazed fog lights indicate that there is moisture trapped inside the housing. You will need to clean and dry them to retain the part's original functionality.

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  • Easy Ways in Keeping Ford Explorer Sport Trac Fog Lights in Good Condition

    Keeping your auto's fog lights fully functional is important in keeping you and your passengers safe, especially when driving in low visibility areas. These fog lights are a life saver during foggy climate when your vision is clouded and the headlights' beam will only produce glare. So, if you want to have a safe drive with your Ford Explorer Sport Trac, here are a few tips and tricks in keeping the fog lights in their best condition.

    Clean off debris found on the fog light lenses.

    Inspect for signs of debris or dirt buildup on the fog light lenses. If you find some, then better prepare your cleaning gear. Luckily, you may use only simple tools, such as a putty knife in scraping off unwanted particles. You should not let debris settle because this can result to hazy and clouded fog lights. This can be detrimental to your safety, especially when driving down a foggy road.

    Wash the fog lights regularly.

    Since the headlights and fog lights are located at the front of your auto, they are more prone to damage and dirt accumulation. You can easily prevent this by regularly washing the parts. Just remember to avoid harsh chemical cleaners because they can damage the surface of the fog lamps. Fortunately, you have several cleaning tools to choose from that are probably available at your home. In fact, the most effective alternative cleaning material is ordinary white toothpaste. It is a proven cheaper but effective alternative for expensive cleaners available in the market.

    Remove signs of cloudiness and haze.

    Over time, if the fog light bulbs are left unmaintained, cloudiness and haze may develop. To address this problem, simply prepare a cotton rag and a small dish of denatured alcohol and buff the parts. Once done, allow the parts to dry before applying car wax. Buff it out again and your fog lights should be good to go.

    Other maintenance reminders

    When servicing any type of automotive bulbs, always wear protective rubber gloves because skin oil can contribute to premature wear. If you do not have gloves, any cover would do, as long as you do not get your hands and skin in contact with the bulbs.