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Ford Explorer Turn Signal Switch

Troubleshooting the Ford Explorer Turn Signal Switch

Light bulbs are okay, sockets are working, flasher unit is fine; so, what could be the problem? When the parts of the turn signal are performing, then it's probably time to diagnose the Ford Explorer turn signal switch because this is probably the culprit. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you how to analyze a faulty turn signal switch.

Non-functional turn signal lights

If the turn signal lights on your Ford Explorer do not function at all, then it's probably because of a defective turn signal switch. The best thing to do is to work with a wiring diagram so that your troubleshooting process won't be too troublesome. Look for the wire that's in charge of carrying the current from the flasher to the switch and turn on the right signal. You can use a test light to search the back side of the connectors. Turn on the left signal if it works. If these have failed to turn the lights on, then you better get the switches replaced with new ones.

Blinking lights

Stick the key into the ignition to switch on the car accessories. Check if the lights go on by pushing the turn signal switch in both direction and study if the light on the dashboard blinks or stays on without even blinking. If the light blinks, get out of your car and check if the bulbs on the front and rear blink as well. However, if it stays on but does not blink, then the turn signal flasher is the culprit and this must be replaced.

Abused fuse

If the lights on the dashboard do not illuminate when you turn the turn signal switch on both directions, then there must be a wiring issue. Inspect the fuse in the fuse block, which is located on the left of the steering column, underneath the dashboard. You can also find one on the driver's side, which is on the side of the dashboard that's facing the door. If you think that it's just a blown fuse, then you can just simply replace it with the same amperage. But if not, then the turn signal switch is the problem and this must be replaced with a new one.

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  • Proper TLC for Your Ford Explorer Turn Signal Switch

    Without the turn signal switch, it would obviously be impossible for you to turn on the lights to signal the drivers that you're going to make a turn or to switch lanes. Take note that it's also quite inevitable for the Ford Explorer turn signal switch to get busted especially if you haven't replaced it or if you don't regularly check up on it. Here are some maintenance tips to help you give the proper TLC that your turn signal switch deserves.

    • Clean the turn signal switch.

      It can be really complicated to clean the turn signal switch, but it's not impossible. A good tip may be snapping photos so that you won't get lost once you put the pieces back together. Be careful not to lose the parts such as the tiny ball and spring. Solder the wires if some of them are loose. Be extra careful when cleaning it because you wouldn't want to touch any connections that will affect the wiring of the turn signal switch to the flasher and lights.

    • Carefully clean up the dirt buildup.

      It's quite inevitable for the turn signal switch to get corroded and dusty overtime. You can pull it apart, but you have to remember to be really careful when doing so because you wouldn't want to lose some units. There's an electric contact cleaner that you can get from automotive stores. Use that to clean the dust and dirt buildup inside the switch. If you're afraid to pull it apart, you can always spray a bit of the electric contact cleaner. Just be sure to have a rag ready to keep the drips from hitting the paint because it can ruin the finish on the surfaces.

    • Repair it as soon as it stops working.

      It's rather difficult to drive with broken turn signal lights and settle for hand signals when you're on the road. So, if you feel like the switch is becoming problematic or you're having a hard time turning the lights on, then you have to repair the turn signal switch right away. If not, you can get it replaced with a new one.