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Ford F-150 Cruise Control Switch

Ford F-150 Cruise Control Switch: Usual Issues that Prevent a Smooth Ride

The cruise control switch of your Ford F-150 is designed to activate the cruise control module that's linked with the vehicle's acceleration and braking functions. Through constant use, the cruise control switch will malfunction and may cause the faulty operation of the cruise control module. When you notice that the cruise control switch is not responding correctly, you better check the switch and do some troubleshooting. Here are some of the common problems you might encounter:

Car speeding up and slowing down intermittently

One symptom of a faulty Ford F-150 cruise control switch is the intermittent acceleration and slowing down of your car. This may be caused by a loose part inside the switch that has to do with the speed setting. However, you should also check the cruise control amplifier. Its connections may need to be soldered again. When you have inspected the cruise control amplifier and saw some problems, you should use a fine point solder to fix the PCB. If the amplifier is good, however, then the cruise control switch is the culprit that has to be replaced.

Cruise control switch not functioning

When your pickup truck's cruise control switch is not functioning after several attempts, the first part you have to check out is the fuse panel under the steering wheel. Inspect the condition of the fuse if it's burnt or damage. If you see any of these symptoms on the fuse, then that is the reason why the switch is not working. However, if there are no visible signs, then you should check the cables that lead to the switch because they might be damaged or frayed. You may refer to your car owner's manual to know the correct wiring diagram and other information of the cruise control and its switch.

Brake light switch not working

A newly installed cruise control switch is a common culprit of this problem. If you have purchased a cruise control switch that already comes with a brake light switch, then it should be fine. However, if you purchased only a cruise control switch, then it might not be compatible with the current brake light switch. You can try to reinstall the switch again, but this time check the wiring diagram carefully. You can also run some tests to determine if the switch has the correct voltage level.

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