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Ford F-150 Door Hinge

Knowing Ford F-150 Door Hinge Problems and Their Causes

A bad door hinge on your Ford F-150 could cause great frustration to you and to anyone trying to get inside. So before you start getting mad when it makes an irritating noise or when you have to nudge it hard to get it to close, here are some handy troubleshooting tips:

Difficulty in opening or closing doors

If the door of your car seem to sag or drop down whenever you open it, forcing you to lift it a bit before closing, then you might want to check your door hinges. There are two main pieces that could be problematic in your door hinges, so it is important to know which one. The first one is the hinge pin. Be sure to see if it is still straight. If you notice it being bent or broken, then you need to fix it. It is possible to bend it back into place but remember, there is a chance it may not be as strong as it was. If the bend is too severe, then a replacement must be made.

The other piece of the door hinge to inspect is the hinge bracket. Take a look to check if there are any cracks present. If that is the case, then just replace the brackets with new ones, which are easily found. Also, notice if the screws are still tight, and if not, try to screw them back on. If not possible, then replace the screws.

Squeaks and grinds

The other symptom of a faulty door hinge is when you start to hear either squeaking noises or crunching ones when you close or open the door. There are two suspects to this issue: rust and lack of lubrication. In the case of the former, if the rust isn't that bad, you could probably use the part for a while longer, but with more care. On the latter, you have to first determine whether the upper or lower hinge is the one that needs lubrication. Carefully open and close the door and listen carefully where the noise comes from. Once you pinpoint the exact hinge, then it is a pretty easy task applying lubricant to the car part.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Ford F-150 Door Hinge Annoyance-Free

    The door hinges of your Ford F-150 work kind of like an elbow: They link the car door and the vehicle itself together, while making sure they move just enough for you get inside. If you wish to keep them working for as long as you can, then here are a few simple ways to maintain them:

    Check for loose brackets or screws.

    Door hinges are the ones that keep the whole car door in place when entering the vehicle. Thus, it is important that the bracket and screws, the components doing that job, remain in their proper place. If you feel that you car door has been wobbling a bit, then check the hinges. See if any of them are loose. If so, then just screw them back on. If the brackets are bent, then it possible to put them back into shape, but caution must be made, else you could likely break the whole part.

    Prevent rust from forming as much as possible.

    The environment will always work its wonders into making sure that your door hinges, as with the rest of your car, corrode. It is natural. Still, keeping that from happening as much will do a lot for their longevity and functionality. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping them constantly clean. Remove any signs of debris or dirt, so that they will not be able to form up and wear down your door hinges.

    Lubricate door hinges.

    This part is very important, since the door hinges' basic purpose is to swing the door around. Failure to keep this up will result in your inability to open the door smoothly. You will have a rough time accessing your vehicle because of the extra effort you need to exert just to get it to open. Always take note that when lubricating, make sure that you apply it onto all the hinges, not just the ones that you think are in trouble. In doing so, you will be sure that all door hinges are working well and you do not have to worry if one of them needs fixing.