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Ford F-150 Powertrain Control Module Relay

How to Face Ford F-250 Super Duty Sway Bar Link Troubles

Your Ford F-250 Super Duty sway bar link may be small, but it definitely has big functions. If not for this not-so-big automotive component, your massive pickup would be an accident-prone road star; you may experience body rolls and pitches whenever you make tight turns. Thankfully, you can avert such perilous road shows, and that's by knowing how to detect and troubleshoot Ford F-250 sway bar link troubles-just like the ones below:

Strange noises

Occasional sounds may be good for your ride but not if they are mostly clicks, clunks, rattles, and thunks, especially when you drive your truck over bumps. If you start having this noise ensemble while you drive, then you had better check your suspension system-particularly your sway bar links. The links may already broken, which makes them free to bang the components of your suspension system and make those awful noises. So, at the first instance of hearing these strange sounds, inspect your F-250 sway bar links right away as it is very likely that replacement should already be underway.

Problematic handling

Aside from hearing unusual noises, you may also experience abrupt difficulties in handling your F-250, thanks to failing sway bar links. At times, your super-duty pickup might even jerk while you drive. The most common cause of such predicament is a broken link, where part of the sway bar tube is probably disconnected to the chassis of your F-250. Again, inspect for damage and replace the component if needed.

Excessive leaning

As your Ford F-250 Super Duty sway bar link is primarily designed to keep your truck from leaning or cornering too much, excessive turning likely suggests link trouble, such as wear. To check, inspect the entire link assembly. Its parts include a metal sleeve, a long bolt, some nuts and washers, and some rubber bushings-all of which you have to inspect thoroughly for possible damage. The bushings, in particular, should be checked for possible deterioration. Worn-out bushings, although mere parts of the link assembly, can lead to a costly and troublesome replacement of the whole sway bar link.

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  • Ford F-250 Super Duty Sway Bar Link Troubles: How to Avoid Them

    Body rolls and pitches-they might sound sporty and even healthy, but they definitely aren't, especially for your F-250. In fact, your heavy-duty vehicle should avoid these. Good thing that's a possible feat, thanks to your reliable Ford F-250 Super Duty sway bar link. So if you really appreciate your link that much-and if you terribly care for your road safety-then perhaps you should take note of these simple steps to keep the good condition of your sway bar link:

    Keep your eyes and ears open for signs of wear.

    To ensure that your anti-roll bar link is in its optimum condition, you should be attentive to the common symptoms of damage. Listen for any unusual noise when driving, especially over bumps. Clunks, clicks, rattles, and knocks usually signal either a broken link or a worn-out bushing. But aside from hearing noises, you can also rely on visual signs of wear for diagnosing sway bar link trouble. These observable signs include detached or warped components that blatantly tell of damage. Attend to these troubles immediately and perform necessary repairs or replacements.

    Replace defective parts.

    Your Ford F-250 Super Duty sway bar link is made up of several components, and these include rubber bushings, metal washers, a metal sleeve, a retaining nut, and a link bolt. You wouldn't want to wait for a malfunctioning component to escalate to a whole sway bar link trouble since that would be such a hassle. That's why it is important that you immediately replace or repair failing link parts once you note them. The bushings, for example, are prone to wearing out and may need to be replaced after some time. If you act on the deteriorating bushings right away, you would only spend around $5 to $35, compared to the $100 an entire sway bar link replacement would probably cost you.

    Regularly check your link and its components.

    To be able to repair damage immediately, make it a habit to check your sway bar link and its components periodically. Include it among the parts you regularly inspect. Among the signs of link trouble that are often overlooked are dirt buildup and crack formation. Conducting periodic check-ups should make these easier to spot and stop.