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Ford F-250 Parts and Ford F-250 Accessories

Six Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Ford F-250

While Super Duty-which the Ford F-250 is tagged as-might sound like a rather hyperbolic exaggeration, it is actually fairly accurate. Relative to Ford's own "Heavy Duty" series, the Super Duty trucks are really larger, heavier-built, and contain much more powerful parts. The reason for the over-the-top name is for purely marketing reasons. With all other truck manufacturers starting to slap "heavy duty" on their trucks, Ford adopted the "super" tag to make their trucks stand out.

With the F-100 classes as a half-ton truck, many people identify the Ford F-250 as the one-ton version. In reality, it's the F-350 that's the one-tonner. The F-250 is the middle man, lying in-between the two at three-fourths of a ton. The difference is actually hard to notice, and will only be truly apparent to anyone who hauls with these trucks.

In a joint venture with Navistar International, Ford overhauled the F-series-including the F-250-apart from upgraded engines and other components, this move gave the trucks the distinctly modern look that they would carry from 1997 to the present. This year also marked the official re-tagging of the F-series as the Super Duty lineup.

The Ford F-250 is quite the versatile actor! It has starred in some famous movies like Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind, as well as in other well-known movies like the original 1955 adaptation of Dennis the Menace, reality shows like Bio Channel's Shipping Wars , and even animated serials like King of the Hill.

By around 2009, Ford released a special Harley-Davidson Edition for the F-250 to commemorate the famed motorcycle company's 100 years of existence. This was mostly just a aesthetic appearance package. The look was a generally red-colored body with the hood, door frame, and roof painted in black. Additionally, it came with 100th Anniversary badging.

If you head out to Australia and try to purchase a Ford F-250, you might be a little confused-they actually sell them under the F-100 tag. That can really muddle things up, because there also is an F-100 sold in America!

Ford F-250 Articles

  • Top Two Gripes with the Ford F-250

    The Ford F-250 was known as the Super Duty for very good reasons: it was built to be really tough, it could be counted on to perform even the toughest duties, and there really wasn't much to be complained about with the Ford F-250. Users who have come to rely upon the venerable pickup have been thoroughly satisfied. Still, there really isn't a ride that ever manages to be truly perfect, and hiccups are to be expected now and then. So, difficult as it was, we scoured all sources to find problems that you might likely face if you own a Ford F-250: it certainly pays to be informed.

    Shake-y, scary driving experience

    This is a problem most commonly observed in the 2006 and-to a lesser extent-the 2005 release of the Ford F-250. It always manifest as a sudden, immediate onset of violent, uncontrollable shaking that eventually leads to a dangerous loss of control over the vehicle. So far, no injuries have been reported that were caused by this rare occurrence that manifests at no set mileage-some cases start as early as 200 miles. The common parts at fault are the tires, shocks, the steering damper, outer tie rods, pitman arm, and/or the rear axle seals-in an any or all type of deal.

    A general recall order was issued for problems with the tires so it's best to start with a check of whether your Ford F-250 is covered by this particular recall. Otherwise, it really is a matter of replacing some or all of the suspension parts mentioned with better quality replacements. Fortunately, the parts in question are not that expensive in and of themselves.

    Abnormal engine buzzing

    The 2011 Ford F-250 is the particular vehicle afflicted by this odd but still rather rare problem. All cases find the main symptom to be a loud buzzing noise from the engine block that comes without warning. The noise is really loud, and arrives abruptly and without warning. Though most motorists are alarmed by the noise, it has yet to cause any serious mishaps. In other cases, the noise is accompanied by a billowing white smoke.

    No recalls issued for this one, though dealers-in many cases-are willing to undertake repairs. Most of the time, it's the poor quality of the oil originally used that causes the occurrence.