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Ford F-250 Super Duty Fender Flares

Care and Maintenance Tips for Ford F-250 Super Duty Fender Flares

Ford F-250 Super Duty fender flares are often advertised as being so sturdy and reliable that you'd think they would survive a fall from the Grand Canyon without so much scratch. But don't let the advertisements fool you; the fender flares will look aged and worn out without proper care and maintenance. Thankfully, caring for the fender flares is not that difficult as it is similar to the maintenance of the bumpers and other exterior panels of your truck. In this guide, we'll share some tips on how to care for your Ford F-250 Super Duty fender flares, whether they are brand new or already in use for quite some time now.

  • Wash the fender flares by hand.

It shouldn't be a surprise that regularly washing the fender flares helps maintain its appearance, but it should preferably done by hand rather than through a drive-through car wash. Automatic car washes tend to miss certain areas of customized fender flares, usually around the mount points and near the wheel well, leaving these areas to accumulate dirt and grime. The brushes found in most automatic car washes also use brushes that can scratch the surface of fender flares.

  • Avoid using cleaning products with harsh chemicals.

Alcohol and ammonia are among the key chemicals you should look out for as these can strip the protective coating on the fender flare surface and make it more vulnerable to dirt and UV ray damage. These chemicals are also found in ordinary household cleaning products such as glass cleaners, so using them on the fender flares is highly discouraged.

  • Buff out scratches.

Superficial scratches can often be restored using buffing compound. Choose a compound whose color matches that of your fender flares and buff it with a soft cloth.

  • Check the condition of the fasteners regularly.

If the fender flares are bolted onto your truck, check if all the bolts are tightened properly. Loose bolts may cause the fender flare to sag and hamper the movement of the wheels. If the fender flare is attached via an adhesive tape, check for signs that the tape has come loose; remove any loose tape and replace it with new ones if necessary.

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  • Installation Tips for Ford F-250 Super Duty Fender Flares

    Fender flares can give a more pronounced look for the wheel well of the Ford F-250 Super Duty, but they can only do so if installed properly. Mounting the fender flares incorrectly can lead to an uneven outline or even cause the fender flares to fall off when driving, so getting it right the first time is essential.

    If you are planning on installing a brand new set of Ford F-250 Super Duty fender flares on your truck, here are some pointers you might want to consider:

    Tip #1: Make sure to choose the right fender flare for your truck.

    Not all fender flares are created equal. Some flares have a more prominent profile than their counterparts, for example, while there are also flares that require drilling and others only require a simple adhesive. Check and compare the flares first before buying so you won’t have any regrets later on.

    Tip #2: When attaching adhesives for fender flares, be sure the mounting area is clean.

    The area should be free from dust, dirt, and other debris in order for the adhesive to have a strong hold on the surface. If the vehicle has been previously installed with an old fender flare, make sure that any residue from the old adhesive has been removed.

    Tip #3: Mark and measure before installing.

    To ensure a perfect fit, the front edge of the fender flare should line up with the bumper of your truck and the bottom edge should line up with the bottom of the fender.

    Tip #4: Be prepared to drill.

    It should be noted that several aftermarket fender flare model have mounting spots that are not found in the Ford F-250 Super Duty and may require drilling on your part. In such cases, make sure to measure and mark the mounting points properly to avoid drilling errors.

    Tip #5: Paint it first before you mount it.

    If you intend to paint the fender flare to match the color of your truck, it is strongly recommended that you do so before you install the flares. Painting the flares is easier and less messy than doing so when they are already installed on the truck, and it’s easier to maneuver as well. Also, be sure to use paints that are compatible with the material of the fender flare. Flares made of TPO, for instance, require more sanding and priming than ABS flares.