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Ford F-250 Super Duty Floor Mats

A Few Tips in Maintaining and Extending the Life of Your Ford F-250 Super Duty Floor Mats

The floor area is one of the most abused parts of your Ford F-250 Super Duty truck. Since floor mats are usually placed to protect the carpet and the floor panel, they take the brunt of daily foot traffic. So if you want to maintain the excellent condition of your ride’s floor and carpeting, you shouldn’t overlook the condition of your Ford F-250 Super Duty floor mats. For you to carry out mats maintenance with ease, here are some helpful tips:

  • Vacuum the carpet and the mats regularly.

If possible, vacuum your ride’s floor mats during your free time every day, particularly during inclement weather, to avoid dirt from accumulating. The vacuum will also deal with debris that get into the inner layer of the mat and is kind of difficult for you to remove by hand. You can use portable handheld vacuums, so you need not take the mats out of your ride for the vacuuming.

  • Use the ideal cleaning method for your particular type of Ford F-250 Super Duty floor mats.

Since mats are of different types, there are also several cleaning methods that can be applied for them. But not all cleaning methods are effective for all types of mats, so it’s important to know the cleaning technique that will work best for the type of floor mats you put in your Ford truck. You can also consider the type of dirt in your mats. If you think they’re just dusty, vacuuming will do. But if they are heavily soiled, you may need power washing or you may soak them on water and detergent solution for several hours.

  • Rinse solvent-based cleaner or spotter well.

When removing spots or non-permanent stains and you can’t help but use non-organic solvent-based cleaner or spotter, make sure to rinse it thoroughly before putting the mats back in place inside the vehicle. If you fail to rinse the solvent well, the chemicals on it can damage the mat’s rubber backing.

  • Do not use a metal brush when cleaning the mats.

The ideal tool for brushing your Ford F-250 Super Duty floor mats, no matter how filthy they are, is soft nylon or fiber brush. Avoid using a metal brush as it can damage the mats’ fabric and pull thread loops. Floor mats with hard-to-remove dirt or stain should just be soaked in detergent a bit longer than usual.

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