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Ford F-250 Super Duty Headlight

Helpful Tips to Keep the Proper Functioning of Your Ford F-250 Super Duty Headlight

Your Ford F-250 Super Duty is a powerful pickup that has a quality lighting system to complement its maximum performance. A very essential part of the lighting system is your headlight. This component serves as your visual aid to see the surrounding areas clearly. Thus, you need to maintain it at all times, so you won't have to compromise your driving safety. Here are tips to prolong its beneficial use:

  • Use a soapy mixture to easily remove dirt and grime from your headlights.

You must prevent dirt from accumulating in your headlights' lens to keep them from fading. For this matter, you must wash your headlights with a mixture of mild car soap and warm water. As part of the basic cleaning procedure, the soapy mixture can help to eliminate dirt and grime from your headlights.

  • Use a car polish or alternative cleaning compounds in polishing your headlights.

Your headlights must also be inspected for signs of clouding or yellowing. This is usually caused by UV rays that wear out the hard coat on the lens' surface. If you notice that your headlights are experiencing this, you must use a car polish that is appropriate to the type of headlights your vehicle has. Alternative compounds like sink cleaners and even plain toothpaste without any additive can work as well. These are proven as good buffing materials, and are safe for use.

  • Use sandpaper for buffing your headlights against discoloration.

You can also combat discoloration through buffing your headlights with sandpaper. You can use 1500-grit or 2000-grit sandpaper, which has the recommended texture for polishing the surface of your headlights. However, because of the coarseness of the sandpaper, make sure that you can avoid damaging the paint of the surrounding areas. You can cover those areas with painter's tape for protection.

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  • Troubleshooting Common Issues of Your Ford F-250 Super Duty Headlight

    Mounted on the front area of your vehicle, your Ford F-250 Super Duty headlight serves as your guide as you drive in total darkness or in poorly lit areas. This lighting component can be of great help in situations where you have difficulty seeing the road clearly, such as heavy rain, foggy atmosphere, or night time. If your headlight is not working properly, you should know how to trace its cause to prevent further problems. Here are some tips for you to diagnose the reasons behind the possible problems you may encounter with your headlight:

    One headlight does not turn on

    If one of your headlights is not working, it must be burnt out. This is usually caused by a loose or worn out filament inside the bulb, which is the thin wire that serves as the conductor of the fuse for your headlight to glow. A bulb has a limited lifespan, and it can even be shorten out faster if you frequently drive during night time. Also, driving on bumpy roads can cause the filament inside your headlight to be damaged or worn out prematurely.

    Both headlights are not working

    A pair of headlights that cannot be turned on at the same time is not typical. This situation usually means that the fuses of your headlights are damaged or burnt out. The fuses can blow because of an overflowing amount of current that passes through them. This means that there is an occurrence of short circuit in your vehicle, which can be very difficult to trace. You can start inspecting the main fuse of your headlights for this matter.

    Insufficient illumination

    If your headlights do not light up brightly as they should, then they should probably be fogging or covered with moist. This happens because the bulbs of your headlights can heat up from being constantly used. So once they cool down, the air from the outer area will enter through the housing. As a result, the moisture from the air will settle on your headlights. In addition, a cracked housing can also allow moisture to enter your headlight and blur its lighting.