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Ford F-250 Bumper

How to Work Your Way to a Sleek and Shiny Ford F-250 Bumper

Faded bumpers are sure to make any vehicle look unsightly. They're among the first things that people notice when your truck passes by. That is why it's important to regularly check your truck's bumper. Aside from its aesthetic value, the bumper also serves as your shield against low-speed impacts. To stretch out its service lifespan, just follow these painless upkeep tips:

  • Clean the hard-to-reach portions of the bumper.

When cleaning your truck, make sure that you include the bumpers. It's essential to clean not only the bumper's outer surface, but also the inner, hard-to-reach areas. These include the bumper gaps as well as other areas that a typical rag can't reach. You can use a soft brush to remove dirt on these gaps. To give the bumper a thorough wash, you can take it off the vehicle for a while. This way, you have full access to the difficult-to-clean areas, giving your bumper a fresh look and feel when you reinstall it.

  • Erase scratches by grinding and sanding.

Keeping your truck bumper smooth and flawless involves protecting it against scratches. But preventing the bumpers from getting scratched can be difficult, especially if the terrain you're driving on has lots of tiny rocks and other road debris. What you can do is to fix the scratches once you stumble upon them. Depending on how deep the scratches are, you can use a grinder to remove any loose material. This gives the plastic bumper more surface area for new paint adhesion. Then, you can sand the area with 80-grit sandpaper. After the surface becomes smooth again, you may want to add some paint to completely patch up the area.

  • A quick scan on the bumpers won't hurt you.

You may think the bumper doesn't need much attention since it is sturdy enough to withstand road debris. In reality, it's one of the easiest to get damaged. This is because it's located on the extreme ends of your vehicle. When you bump into a lamp post while parking, the first thing to receive the impact is usually the bumper. So make it a point to check on it regularly to assess if the bumper has been damaged.

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  • Avoid Installation Trouble with These Ford F-250 Bumper Installation Tips

    One of the nastiest automotive damage that can turn off anyone is a wrecked bumper. Not only does it make your vehicle look shabby, but it also implies how irresponsible you are as a driver. Good thing it's relatively easy to replace. With the right knowledge and ample patience, you can have a brand new Ford F-250 bumper installed in your truck. And to assist you with a trouble-free installation, here are some useful tips you can try:

    Tip #1: Store all the small parts somewhere safe.

    A number of tiny components make up your bumper assembly. This includes screws, clips, and bolts. When installing a replacement bumper, the first thing you need to do is to detach the old bumper. Doing so requires you to remove small parts like the mounting hardware. Even if only one of these screws went missing, it would surely cause you a headache, and prevent you from finishing the installation in one sitting. So during the installation, ensure that all the little parts are kept in a secure place or container.

    Tip #2: Uninstall electrical parts at the onset of the installation.

    Some electrical components, like fog lights, may block your access to the bumper. To reach and detach the bumper easily, make sure you uninstall the fog lights first. This allows you to prevent accidental damage to the fog lights while you remove and install the new bumper. Work around the electrical wirings with caution. You wouldn't want to damage the circuits and deal with a bigger problem when these connections get busted. Take note of the fog lights' wire assembly to make it easy for you to put them back after the installation. One way to do this is to take a picture of the assembly before unplugging the wirings.

    Tip #3: Work safely with jacks and jack stands.

    Fixing your Ford F-250 bumper may require you to go under your truck to gain full access to the component. To do this, you must avoid using only jacks, as these can put your safety at risk. It's best if you have jack stands to lift the truck and support it on the specified jacking points. Most modern autos have these jacking points that look like bumps underneath the vehicle.