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Ford F-250 Dash Cover

How to Care For Your Ford F-250 Dash Cover

Upgrading the overall look of your vehicle involves not just the exterior but the interiors as well. Being one of the most noticeable parts of the car's interior, your dashboard could use an improvement through a dash cover. On top of modernizing its appearance, it also gives your dashboard protection against dirt and stains. To keep your Ford F-250 dash cover in pristine condition, you must care for it like how you care for other parts of your car. Here are some pieces of advice you can try to extend your dash cover's lifespan:

  • Eliminate dirt and debris regularly.

One of the easiest ways to prolong your dash cover's service lifespan is to keep it free from unwanted contaminants, especially those than cause scratches when rubbed on the dash surface. Over time, the cover gets exposed to various kinds of dirt, dust, and debris, making it look nasty and even smell awful. To get rid of dirt and dust, use a car vacuum cleaner. If you find stains, such as spilled drinks, on the dash cover, you can do some spot-cleaning to remove them. Mild car care products like window cleaners also work well in cleaning the covers.

  • Protect the dash cover against the sun.

You may not notice it, but as you drive on a sunny day, your dash cover suffers from the extreme heat of the sun. This also happens when you park your car in a non-shady area for hours. Leaving your car exposed under the sun for long periods can lead to dash cover fading. Although some dash covers are UV-treated, it's still recommended that you defend them against the harsh rays of the sun.

You don't need to spend bucks for a new dash cover; the best way to preserve your cover is to have a windshield sunshade in place. This blocks off the sun's rays from getting through the windshield while your car is parked. With a high-quality sunshade, you don't have to worry about the dash cover fading anytime soon.

  • Avoid placing beverages, wet items, or anything that can spill on the dash.

Preventing stains from forming is the ultimate key to extending your Ford F-250 dash cover's lifespan. You need to have proper discipline not to put anything that can leave stains on the cover. Keep beverages and wet items off your truck's dashboard.

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  • A Handy Guide to Installing a Ford F-250 Dash Cover

    Setting up a dash cover on your vehicle doesn't involve complicated steps. As long as you know the basics in car repair, installing a Ford F-250 dash cover can be fast and simple. Most dash covers today come in patterns precisely manufactured by computers. In order to have a stress-free dash cover installation, here are some problems you might encounter and how to deal with them:

    • The Velcro tabs are not sticking to the dash.

    Before performing the first step in the dash cover application, ensure that your truck's dash is free of dirt and debris. You can do this by cleaning the dash using soap and water. Remember that the Velcro that comes with the dash cover package will fail to stick to the dashboard if it's too hot, dirty, and dusty. If you have previously applied a vinyl protectant or polish on your dashboard, then the Velcro might also have a hard time adhering to the dash. Wash off the protectant first and retry the application with a cool, clean surface.

    • The dash cover blocks the air vents and hangs over the dashboard.

    When purchasing an aftermarket dash cover, make sure that you get one that's specifically designed for your truck. Otherwise, you are prone to problems such as inappropriate trims and mismatched cover size. A great number of dash covers offered in the market are already tailor-fit to your vehicle make and model, so grab one that comes with the same specifications as your truck's dash.

    If you encounter misfit problem, such as air vent blocking, the first thing you need to check is the alignment of the defroster vents. Adjust the dash cover using a putty knife to push the cover back between the windshield and the front of the dashboard.

    • The cover doesn't conform to the shape of the dashboard.

    Having trouble fitting the dash cover in place? Allowing the cover to set in place can take some time. Since the outside temperature affects the installation, the colder it is, the longer it will take for the cover to conform to your dashboard's shape.