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Ford F-250 Super Duty Tailgate Handle

What to Do with a Busted Ford F-250 Super Duty Tailgate Handle

A pickup truck is your best friend when you need maximum lugging power. The truck's no-fuss quality appeals to people who want to get the job done. You can easily pile and unload your stuff on the cargo bed through the tailgate. Unfortunately, truck tailgate parts often break down due to frequent use. Your Ford F-250 Super Duty tailgate, for instance, is not impervious to wearing out. Without the tailgate handle, accessing the cargo bed would be difficult. Here are some of the things that render your truck's tailgate handle useless:

Tailgate handle is loose

If your tailgate handle is stuck in the open position, it's likely that one of the metal rods that connect the handle to the lock mechanism is not working properly. You might need to replace the rods to fix the tailgate handle.

Tailgate handle is broken

Plastic tailgate handles are flimsy, so they break down rather easily. However, even metal tailgate handles will crack when too much force is used in handling it. Once the handle is broken, opening the tailgate will be a big problem. The only way to go is to replace the broken handle with a new one-a job that you can easily do by yourself. To replace the handle, you need to remove first the metal access panel from the tailgate. This will unravel the tailgate handle screws and latch rods, which you need to take out as well. Make sure to reinstall all the other parts (screws and clips included) once the new handle is in place.

Locking mechanism on handle clicks but won't open

Sometimes, tailgate handles become stuck during cold weather. Lubricants, such as the WD-40, usually help in the smooth operation of tailgate handle components. If greasing the tailgate handle doesn't help, check if there's anything stuck inside the tailgate mechanism. You need to take out the access panel to see what's going on inside. If the cables that run from the handle to the lock have become loose, simply reattach them and check if the handle will open.

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  • Four Things to Do for a Better Ford F-250 Super Duty Tailgate Handle

    Your Ford F-250 Super Duty tailgate handle is one of the most useful and frequently used parts you have on your SUV. The tailgate handle allows you to access the cargo bed, enabling you to load and unload your stuff anytime that you need. Because of frequent use, the tailgate handle may sustain scratches and other forms of damage. Here are some ways that you can keep your Ford F-250 Super Duty tailgate handle on excellent working condition without replacing it:

    Install a tailgate handle cover.

    Though optional, a tailgate handle cover allows you to customize the appearance of your truck. Moreover, it also protects the tailgate handle from rust and scratches. Installing a tailgate handle cover is an easy job even for a novice. You also don't need to use any special kind of equipment to complete the project-an automotive grade adhesive should be enough to keep the cover in place. With the tailgate handle cover installed, you don't have to worry about damaging the tailgate handle and housing.

    Clean the tailgate handle regularly.

    Cleaning your truck does not stop on washing the body of your vehicle. Wiping (or washing) your truck's tailgate handles is just as important. The handles trap dirt and debris that could hamper the efficiency of the handles. The dislodged dirt buildup could prevent the tailgate handles from opening and closing properly. To clean the handles, use mild detergent and water to wash off dirt. Follow by using a clay bar to lift unseen dirt from the surface.

    Remove scratches on the tailgate handles with a polish and glaze.

    Tailgate handles are often subjected to scratches from sharp objects. The nicks look very unsightly, especially on a vehicle that looks fierce as your truck does. To remove the scratches, use a car polish to conceal light scratches. An orbital buffer may be needed if the scratches are large and deep. Since polishing does not completely remove scratches from tailgate handles, you need to apply glaze to remove completely all the scruffs.

    Grease the tailgate handle mechanism for easy use.

    Your truck's tailgate handle is made up of different parts. Cables, rods, and latches are common in all tailgate handles. To ensure that the handle operates properly, apply grease to lubricate the parts.