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Ford F-350 Parts and Ford F-350 Accessories

Six Fun Film Facts for the Ford F-350

  • The Ford F-350 pickup truck appeared as the lead character's jet car in the movie The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimensionor simplyBuckaroo Banzai. The 1984 science fiction parody tells the story of Dr. Buckaroo Banzai played by Peter Weller, who modified the pickup truck with a jet engine to defeat a group of aliens called Red Lectroids.

  • Also in the film, the Ford F-350 is equipped with a device called oscillation overthruster, which allowed the pickup truck to drive through solid matter.

  • Moreover, the modified Ford F-350 jet car portrayed in the film was actually installed with a real jet on it. In addition to the real jet installation, the frame assembly was also reinforced to carry more weight, air scoops from a DC-3 plane were added, a cockpit from a German fighter plane was installed, and parachute packs were included to simulate an authentic look and feel of a jet car.

  • Making yet another appearance in a film, the Ford F-350 pickup truck bared its distinctive and charming appeal in the 2000 remake action film Gone in 60 Seconds, which featured famous stars Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie. In the film, the pickup truck shared the spotlight with 50 more luxury cars. Although the film was reviewed badly by most critics and viewers, car enthusiasts admired the film for showing quite a list of unique and classy vehicles.

  • In addition, the Ford F-350 also appeared in the original 1974 Gone in 60 Seconds film. In the original film, the pickup truck owner was being chased by the authorities for attempting to steal a Challenger. You see, this film also became famous for destroying 93 cars in a 40-minute car chase scene.

  • A 1986 Ford F-350 literally made a huge appearance in the 80's film Road House.In the film, the pickup truck was equipped with six-foot-tall tires and weighed around 28,000 pounds. The pickup truck was driven by actor Patrick Swayze who plays as a bouncer protecting a small town in Missouri from a crooked businessman.

Ford F-350 Articles

  • Frequent Ford F-350 Problems

    Marketed as a heavy-duty pickup truck, the Ford-350 features a blend of ruggedness and classy appeal. As part of Ford's famous F-series, the pickup truck is known for its strong and sturdy chassis applicable for greater towing capabilities. Because of these settings, off roaders and adventurers fancy the F-350 as their number one choice for a pickup. However, car owners should take notice of these common problems to prepare themselves in case such F-350 issues arise.

    Transmission failure

    Probably the most common issue involving the Ford F-350 pickup truck is its transmission. Despite its off road capabilities, the large pickup truck is equipped with a flimsy transmission. It is supposedly built for a heavy duty job, but the truck's transmission is known only to last on an average of 30,000 to 50,000 miles. In some cases, the transmission is caused by a tachometer sensor failure where the meter jumps around to zero. This causes the unpredictable shifting of the car's transmission. In fact in 2002, Ford has ordered a recall on certain models equipped with manual transmissions for faulty brake cables and defective transmissions.

    Varying engine problems

    The pickup truck also had several engine issues that manifested in various sorts of engine defects such as noise problems and turbo spooling. In fact, this problem resulted to engine rattling and misfiring. Not only that, the defective Ford F-350 engine eventually lead to smoke and emission issues. Several complaints surfaced and blamed Ford's faulty fuel injectors and filters. In some cases, the upper engine coolant hose of the pickup truck blew.

    Most of these problems were attributed to the Navistar 6.4 diesel engine. However, despite constant complaints from the pickup truck owners, Ford has attributed most of the engine problems to fuel contamination.

    Camshaft sensor issues

    Ford F-350 equipped with the 6.0-liter diesel has been recalled for all sorts of problems. In fact by 2008, Ford ordered a massive 1.1 million recall that involved camshaft issues. The camshaft sensors failed to respond and at times only stalled when the Ford F-350's engine is turned on. This affects how the pistons and cylinders operate.