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Ford F-350 Super Duty Bug Shield

How to Keep Your Ford F-350 Super Duty Bug Shield Clean and Damage-Free

Your Ford F-350 is built with tough parts that are fit for its heavy-duty features. Because of its huge built, bugs and dirt particles can enter the frame in whatever type of road you are travelling. Thus, your bug shield is geared up to offer premium protection. In addition, it adds up to the overall style of your vehicle. Your bug shield has edges that regulate the flow of air across your hood, so insects and debris can be eliminated.

As part of your vehicle's exterior, you should keep your bug shield clean and damage-free. Take note of these tips to help you achieve a total cleaning of your Ford F-350 Super Duty bug shield:

  • Wash your bug shield thoroughly with the proper cleaning materials.

Have your bug shield cleaned together with your vehicle itself. The same cleaning procedure must be followed, using a mild soap and clean water for washing. Make use of a microfiber towel in wiping your bug shield to avoid scratching the surface. Wash your bug shield thoroughly, including its inner portions where insects and dirt particles build up. Avoid applying too much pressure in cleaning the said areas.

  • Apply polish on your bug shield to restore its look.

Using a soft cloth, apply polish on the surface of your bug shield. Choose a polishing product with mild compounds, which can protect your bug shield from damage. Once you have coated the surface, use a buffing pad to even out the polished areas. Let your bug shield be dry afterwards to allow the coating to settle on it.

  • Clean your hood together with your bug shield.

Your bug shield is located near your vehicle's hood, so it is important to maintain your hood as well. Cleaning the hood can also benefit you when installing a new bug shield. This is because the adhesive on its back will be attached better if the surface of your hood is free from dirt. Wipe your hood with a rubbing alcohol and degreaser as your extra cleaning agents.

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  • Tips to Remember for a Successful Installation of Your Ford F-350 Super Duty Bug Shield

    Your Ford F-350 Super Duty bug shield is made to prevent bugs and other insects from hitting and building up on your hood and windshield. In addition, it can also assist your bumper in preventing road debris from damaging the front of your vehicle. Your ride will be more convenient if insects and debris will not hinder your driving. Aside from the protection it offers, your bug shield also adds up to the style of your vehicle.

    For heavy-duty vehicles such as your Ford F-350, it is recommended to have this part installed. If you have a bug shield installed in your vehicle already and you want to replace it, you must know the basic tips so you can perform the installation yourself. Here are some tips that can help you:

    Tip #1: Make sure that the surface of your vehicle is clean before installing your bug shield.

    Make sure that your vehicle is clean and dry before installing your bug shield. The back of your bug shield has adhesive that should be attached on the surface. If your vehicle is dirty or wet, the adhesive will not attach properly.

    Tip #2: Make sure that your bug shield has the exact measurement for its mounting frame.

    Check if the measurement of your bug shield fits exactly on its mounting frame. This is to ensure that you have the right bug shield for installation. Draw marks on each side, which will serve as your guide in putting your bug shield into proper place.

    Tip #3: Attach the mounting frame and your bug shield once you have aligned them properly.

    Your hood has support brackets that you can use for attaching the mounting hardware of your bug shield. Once you have secured the mounting frame using the brackets, lift your big shield to adjust its position. Make sure that it is centered on your hood for proper alignment. You can secure your bug shield with screws and adhesive once you have ensured that it is the exact fit for your vehicle.