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Ford F-350 Super Duty Bumper

Keeping Your Ford F-350 Super Duty Bumper Sturdy

The Ford F-350 Super Duty is a truck that means serious business. This Blue Oval truck is a few notches higher than the more modest F150 in terms of performance, utility, size and presence. We suppose that you already own one. Who can disagree that your Ford F-350 lacks what it takes to be called a true work horse? Even when you talk about its design, it possesses a certain air of toughness and dependability. One of the parts that best exemplify those traits is the Ford F-350 Super Duty bumper. This part looks so solid and square that smaller cars get intimidated by you whenever they see you driving on the road. Aside from that, it provides support and protection for the other parts that are mounted on the front end of your truck. So before you dismiss it as just another product of the engineers' aesthetic pursuits, consider taking care of it well. Here are some tips on how you can maintain your Ford truck's bumper.

  • Hose your bumper with water regularly to wash off dirt.

The position of your big pick-up truck's bumper makes it a dirt magnet. The bumper collects dirt every time you take it out for your personal and business drives. So you end up with dirt and other particles sticking to the panel's surface. To relieve the bumper from such baggage, you should hose down your bumper with water regularly. The stream of water pushes off the layers of dirt from the surface. For light layers, this can work without the aid of any procedures just as long as you wipe your bumper dry right after.

  • Give your bumper some scrub-a-dub for a thorough cleaning.

If water can't do its job alone for the bumper, then we need a back-up plan. This step will buy you and your Ford F-350 some more time to get acquainted with each other. Get a sponge and soak it in your car shampoo mixture. Then apply it to the surface of your bumper through gentle scrubs. It should give back some luster to your bumper after.

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  • Ford F-350 Super Duty Bumper Installation 101

    We know that the Ford F-350 Super Duty bumper can add a lot to the imposing presence that the brutish Blue Oval truck already has. It is perfectly integrated with the lines that flow through the body, the square face of the nose, and the wide wheel well. In some cases, the bumper shines in all glory with the chrome finish; other times, it is painted to complement the body paint; and even other times, it is matched to blend with the entire truck ensemble. There might come a time when you have taken away the old bumper to replace it with a new one, whether it is stock or an aftermarket part. Treat this as a challenge and an opportunity to get closer with your truck. Here are some installation tips when you want to install the Ford F-350 Super Duty bumper. Let's go.

    Tip #1: Pick the right bumper that will suit your truck and your preference.

    When picking out a new replacement bumper in the market, have a clear picture of what you want to achieve with your installation. Are you after keeping the stock look or going after a modified one? This choice will affect which kind of bumper you will be getting for your operation. A stock bumper should be relatively easy to install since it does not need any modifications. For an aftermarket bumper, you will have to consider matching mounting points and other adjustments.

    Tip #2: Tag a fellow truck enthusiast to help you with installation.

    Since the Ford truck's bumper is wide and heavy, we doubt that you can move and mount it without the assistance of someone else…well, that's if you are not Superman. The other person can help you out in holding, moving, and mounting the bumper to your truck. Be sure to thank the guy after.

    Tip #3: Do a test mount of the bumper before bolting it to place.

    You should keep in mind that when you go out and buy a replacement bumper, there is a slight chance that its measurement is little off from the original. Don't sweat it out. But to be sure, you should first do a test mount before bolting the new bumper in place.