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Ford F-350 Super Duty Cold Air Intake

How to Take Care of Your Ford F-350 Super Duty Cold Air Intake

These days, pick-up trucks can receive the same performance upgrades just like their car counterparts. Gone were the days when these vehicles are considered lumbering torque-y haulers just used for pulling and carrying equipment. While they were equipped V8's and inline-6's, engineers felt that you can still squeeze in more performance upgrades to make them run better. This is the case with the Ford F-350 Super Duty. As is, this truck is already a few notches higher than the F150 and Ranger. It also features a massive body capable of doing things a truck is supposed to do. But you can still put on aftermarket upgrades on it. If you are considering quick upgrades with a light price tag, you might want to consider having a Ford F-350 Super Duty cold air intake. This improves the respiratory system of your truck, allowing better combustion. To make it always reliable, you should invest in its welfare. Here are some tips on how to take care of this aftermarket part.

  • See to it that your air cleaner is always ok.

The air cleaner is the main entry point to your intake system. You should see to it that your air cleaner is always ok. It filters the air that enters so it is a given that it gets dirty over time. To protect the rest of the components of your cold air intake, you should make sure that you clean or replace your air cleaner once it gets very filthy.

  • Wipe the components in your engine bay. This includes your cold air intake.

Even your engine components have no escape from the getting dirty. You should take time to clean them up. Take two clean clothes for wiping the pipe and other components of your cold air intake. Wet the first one with water so that you can use it to remove the dirt and grime. After that, use the other one to dry it up.

  • Disassemble the cold air intake so you can clean the inside of the pipe thoroughly.

In very long intervals, you can also consider disassembling the cold air intake from your manifold. Use this opportunity to clean it well.

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  • Ford F-350 Super Duty Cold Air Intake Installation Basics

    The Ford F-350 Super Duty is a huge truck that packs massive power under its hood. It gives you that grin on your face get as your engine delivers some oomph when you step on the gas pedal. It's fun, right? You get to enjoy the horsepower squeezed out from every cubic inch your engine has. But sometimes you crave more. This is where engine modifications come to play. There are different types of upgrades you can put into your engine. You start with mild mods like the Ford F-350 Super Duty cold air intake then if you're still craving for more, you can go with performance manifolds, superchargers, bigger heads, and x-pipes. You name it. You can always get playful with your truck as long as you are ready to take the plunge. But let us focus on the minor mods. If you decide to boost your truck's respiratory system, you can start with the cold air intake. Here are some installation basics for this part.

    Tip #1: Do a thorough research about the cold air intakes available for your truck.

    Before everything else, you should be able to hand pick a cold air intake that would work for you and your truck. It is time to start your research. First is evaluating your stock engine. How much extra can still be squeezed out from your stock block? Is putting a cold air intake worth your time, money, and effort? If all of the questions lead to yes, then we suggest that you go out looking for the parts that would be compatible to your truck. Then narrow your selection down even further by identifying which of those would provide you your desired engine output increase. An aftermarket cold air intake can increase your horsepower up a few notches. We can say it can provide enough boost for you to feel it when you mash your pedal.

    Tip #2: Cool down you truck's engine before working on it.

    It is important that you cool your engine down first before you start working on it. This avoids any risk that you can get from coming in contact with very hot surfaces. Open you hood if you have to so that the cooling can be faster.