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Ford F-350 Super Duty Floor Mats

Tips to Remove Stains from your Ford F-350 Super Duty Floor Mats

Heavily stained Ford F-350 Super Duty floor mats are not only a sight for sore eyes. They can also be breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. As such, it’s important that you wash stained floor mats as soon as possible. Keep in mind that leaving the stains on the surface for a long period of time can make them only harder to remove. When dealing with tough stains, here are some tips to get rid of them:

  • Soak the mats in a water-and-soap solution.

Soaking is an effective means when washing stained mats. Because this process involves soaking the mats in a tub or basin of water and laundry detergent overnight, the soap solution is given enough time to completely penetrate the rubber or fabric material.

  • Never use metal brushes when scrubbing away stains.

To effectively get rid of stains, you might need to scrub the soiled areas. However, don’t use a metal brush since the bristles of this brush are too harsh on the mats’ rubber or fabric materials. You might just end up with a frayed or damaged mat if you use a metal brush.

  • Use a high-pressure hose when rinsing.

Using a high-pressure hose is more effective than splashing water on the mats with a small container. The pressure coming from the hose can help dislodge dirt particles and soap residue stuck on the mats’ nooks and crannies.

  • Use paint thinner on tough grease.

Greasy stains can be hard to remove because they contain oil. To get rid of these unsightly spots, applying a bit of paint thinner can help dissolve the stain. Make sure to rinse the mats thoroughly to get rid of thinner residue.

  • Coat rubber Ford F-350 Super Duty floor mats with wax.

After washing rubber mats, coat them with a bit of liquid shoe wax. This trick helps the mats repel dirt and stains, making future clean-ups easy and hassle free.

Once you've washed the floor mats and the stains are removed, don’t forget to air dry them. This way, no moisture or water is left behind, preventing mold and mildew from accumulating on the mats' surfaces.

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