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Ford F-350 Super Duty Mirror

A Few Tips to Keep Your Ford F-350 Super Duty Mirror Sparkling Clean

Your Ford F-350 Super Duty mirror gives you clear view of what's behind and beside your car. Keeping your car mirrors clean is the same as keeping your ride safe. Fortunately, this is a very easy task, requiring only a little elbow grease. Here are some things to keep in mind when cleaning your Ford F-350 Super Duty mirror:

Cleaning tips

  • Choose the right cleaning materials.

Using the proper cleaning materials for your car mirrors makes all the difference. You wouldn't want to damage your mirror while trying to clean it, right? Avoid using old cloths, newspapers, or any abrasive pads that will only cause scratches and streaks; you can use a lint-free microfiber towel instead.

  • Use distilled water for diluting cleaners.

Next time you clean your mirrors, consider diluting the cleaner with distilled water. Unlike tap water, distilled water contains no additional minerals and contaminants that can cause stubborn water spots if left behind on your mirror's surface.

  • Utilize natural cleaning agents found at your home.

Aside from chemical cleaners, you can also find affordable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions right at your kitchen. You can use white vinegar for removing tough spots. Rub some vinegar over the mirror and let it sit for up to 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing and drying it. Lemon juice is also a good alternative for water spot removal.

  • Dry your mirrors thoroughly.

Dust and dirt will latch on a wet mirror even when your car is just sitting in your garage. This is why drying your mirrors thoroughly is an important part of the cleaning process. Use a clean microfiber towel to prevent streaking. After you've sufficiently dried your mirrors, apply an anti-fog solution over them to keep them fog-free.

Other cleaning instructions

Keep a few cleaning cloths as well as a small bottle of cleaning solution with you the next time you take your car out for a long road trip or through a rough terrain. By doing this, you can instantly clean dirt, dust, and grime off your mirrors even when you're on the road. This will not only make your mirrors look well-kept, but it also ensures your vehicle's safety.

  • Troubleshooting Tips for the Two Common Ford F-350 Super Duty Mirror Problems

    No matter how tough your Ford F-350 Super Duty is, it won't get you anywhere safely without a clear mirror to help you navigate the road. Car mirrors don't get damaged easily but without proper care and maintenance, parts of it are bound to encounter problems over time. Keep yourself from driving blindly on the road by watching out for the following Ford F-350 Super Duty mirror problems:

    Mirrors can't be adjusted properly

    If you have power mirrors on your Ford F-350 Super Duty, one of the most common problems you'll probably encounter is difficulty in retracting them. There are two possible culprits behind this: faulty electrical components or worn-out mechanical parts. Fortunately, it's easy to troubleshoot and solve mirror problems. The first thing you need to do is check if the wirings are plugged firmly and make sure to tighten them if they're loose. If this doesn't solve your problem, next thing to check is the mirror's fuse. Carefully inspect if the fuse's filament is in one piece, replace it with a new one if it appears to be broken or corroded. If busted fuse and loose connections isn't your problem, test your control switch for continuity using a multi-meter.

    For both manual and power mirrors, checking for broken or worn-out mechanical parts is just as easy. Simply open the mirror housing and carefully inspect if the mechanical components inside are in good condition. If any of the parts are worn out or broken, it's recommended that you replace the entire mirror instead.

    Fog and stubborn water spots

    If your Ford F-350 Super Duty mirrors are the type that doesn't have a self-heating feature, expect it to get foggy from time to time. Foggy mirrors are actually quite dangerous; they deprive you the clear view of what's behind or beside your car while you're on the road. If the fog is over the mirror's surface, you can simply wipe it off with a clean and soft cloth. You can also apply an anti-fog solution over it so that it stays clear all the time. If wiping didn't do your mirror any good, you may have water spots stuck underneath its surface. Use a hair dryer to dissolve the water before cleaning it. You can also rub a mixture of vinegar and water over stubborn water spots.