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Ford F-350 Super Duty Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

How to Keep Your Ford F-350 Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly in Excellent Condition

The secret to better suspension performance isn't just an upgrade but also proper upkeep of all the components making it up. Even if you have enough budget to cover your desired Ford F-350 shock absorber and strut assembly upgrade, that will just be good while all its components are new. If you won't take good care of your new assembly, it won't be long until it will break down again and necessitate replacement. You don't want to shell out that much again and again, right? So before you decide to spend big time for a suspension upgrade, make sure first that you know how to properly maintain it. Below are some helpful tips on how you can maintain the strut and shock assembly of your Ford truck:

  • Always replace your shocks and struts in pairs.

When your manual says that it's now time for a new shock and strut assembly, see to it that you'll have them replaced in pairs to ensure balanced performance. You see, those F-350 shock absorbers were of the same type and of the same brand, and sure enough, they were installed in your truck at the same time, so they have also dealt with the same types of terrain. It's just so happen that one of them just gave up faster than the other. Surely, it won't be long until the other one breaks down. So if you don't want to compromise your driving comfort and safety, replace both of your shocks and struts at the same time.

  • Conduct regular inspection of your shocks.

While it doesn't look like an easy task considering the location of the suspension system, you have to do it if you want to keep your shocks working well for the years to come. Consult your owner's manual as it could tell you the right way to inspect the shocks as well as the recommended inspection intervals. You can get more service years out of your Ford F-350's shock and strut assembly if you'll stick to the manufacturer's suggested schedule. But if you frequently drive on difficult terrains every day, then you may need to have your shocks checked and serviced more often. During your inspection, look for signs of damage like dents, cracks, and leaks, and if you find any, have it fixed the soonest possible time.

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  • How to Pinpoint the Culprit behind Common Ford F-350 Super Duty Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly Issues

    Your F-350 and all its components may be Ford tough, but that doesn't mean they are not susceptible to damage. Age, constant use, and even the environment you usually drive your truck in will surely take their toll on the Ford F-350 shock absorber and strut assembly. To prevent this suspension component from breaking down completely and leaving you stranded in the middle of your off-road drive or towing task, you have to be vigilant of the early signs of suspension problems. Among them are:

    Nose dives

    If your truck frequently plunges forward as you apply the brakes, that means its front shocks or struts are severely worn-out. These so-called nose dives occur as the truck's weight is transferred forward when the brake pedal is depressed. Your truck may still do nose dives even if the tires have come to a stop because your worn-out shocks no longer have the capability to counter the sudden weight shift. Such problem is too serious to be ignored as it can compromise not only your suspension but your truck's braking performance as well.

    Fluid leaking from the shock and strut

    Your shock absorber and strut assembly holds a piston and hydraulic fluid. When the vehicle goes through a bump on the road, the assembly compresses in such a way that the piston is pressed against the hydraulic fluid. If this movement frequently happens, the hydraulic fluid can leak out, thus affecting the suspension's performance particularly on a bumpy terrain.

    Excessive bouncing

    If you noticed that your truck is starting to bounce excessively especially if you've passed through bumps and potholes, and the bumpy ride seems to continue for a while even if the terrain is already smooth, it's a clear indication that your Ford F-350 shock absorber and strut assembly has already lose its of countering road irregularities. The only resolution to this is to get a new set of shock and strut assembly for your ride.

    If you don't want to resort to replacement just yet, you can conduct a bounce test first. This is done by pushing down the truck's front, then suddenly removing your weight. If your ride bounces for a couple of times, you should no longer think twice in getting a new shock and strut assembly.