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Ford F-350 Super Duty Skid Plate

Common Reasons behind Ford F-350 Super Duty Skid Plate Problems

A super duty pickup truck like your Ford F-350 gives you the ultimate off-road experience because of its tougher and stronger frame. Add a skid plate to the auto's undercarriage and you will find yourself the king of the road with top-notch defense against rough terrain. Although the car's skid plate is built for stronger resilience to road elements, it will still wear and tear overtime. If you think the skid plate is nearing the end of its service life, then better perform some troubleshooting. Listed below are just some of the common problems encountered with Ford F-350 super duty skid plate and the reasons behind them.

Early rusting

Early rusting can easily be detected by visual inspection. You see, rusting is the most common problem encountered with skid plates since they are made of steel. Because your pickup's skid plate is constantly exposed to dirt and road elements, it will generally need cleaning at least once a week. If left poorly maintained, rust may develop faster. Luckily, the tools you need to wipe off the rust like a steel wool or a wire brush are readily available everywhere.


If you constantly run your Ford F-350 on rough terrain, you might find your skid plates dented or damaged. If you find any sign of deformed skid plates, you had better remove the part and inspect for oil pan, gas tank, and other parts near the undercarriage. Repair is no good because the cracks had already reduced the skid plate's durability. If you find dents, replacement is the best option.

Oil leaks

Since your auto's skid plate covers the oil pan, it will be difficult for you to perform regular oil changing. And if you forget to do so, you might find leaks on the car's skid plate. Luckily, leakage can easily be spotted on a vehicle's undercarriage. Once you find one, be sure to remove the skid plate and repair the seals. The stains on your plate should also be washed if you wish to put it back in place. If you want to keep oil and filter maintenance easy, several skid plate manufacturers offer parts with cut-outs. This will allow you to attend to the gas tank and oil pan faster than ordinary skid plates.

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  • Easy Tips in Keeping Your Ford F-350 Super Duty Skid Plate Top Notch

    A super duty pickup truck like the Ford F-350 needs a heavy duty skid plate protection to prevent puncture or damage to the vehicle's underbody. Despite the skid plate's defensive feature, it will show signs of aging overtime, and may even lead to leakages and structural damage. If you want to keep Ford F-350 skid plate problems at bay, and if you want to extend the part's service life, then follow these easy maintenance tips:

    • Perform regular cleaning on the vehicle's underside.
    • It is advised by automotive experts to wash the vehicle once or twice every week. Most drivers forget washing and cleaning the car's underside. In fact, cleaning the skid plate and the parts that it covers should also be performed. See, any dirt or particles left between the skid plate and the car's frame can cause early wear and tear. With an off-roader like your auto, it gets dirty faster than ordinary vehicles. Once done with the cleaning, allot time also for drying. This is because trapped moisture can lead to rusting and early corrosion.
    • Know what type of materials to use when removing rust.
    • When cleaning the skid plate, you may encounter several rust stains which are hard to wipe off. If you seek proper maintenance, then it is only apt to find the proper cleaning tools. Wire brushes, steel wool, and fine-grit sandpapers work well in removing rust. Your local auto supply store should have these tools. You might also want to look for products made of phosphoric acid to address rusting issues. These are especially made for corroding steel, so rest assured that they will perform the job well.
    • Replace dented skid plates.
    • Repairing dented skid plates does not restore the original part's durability. So if you want to keep optimum defense, then replace the dented skid plates. You see, when the cracked or dented skid plates are left unmaintained, you risk the safety of the car's undercarriage parts. It would be better to buy a new one instead of attempting to weld the plates because welding cannot restore the original protection that a new skid plate can offer.
    • Equip skid plate washers.
    • Keeping your skid plate secured to your Ford F-350 is just as important as washing the part. You see, equipping skid plate washers can help extend the plate's service life by lessening the possibility of damage.