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Ford F-350 Super Duty Window Visor

Tips on How to Keep the Top Form of Your Ford F-350 Super Duty Window Visor

Protection and style—these are the two main purposes that are provided by your Ford F-350 Super Duty window visor. First, it blends in with the sleek look of your ride, and second, it helps prevent rainwater or harsh winds from entering your vehicle. However, it is also very prone to damage. So to extend the beneficial life of your Ford F-350 Super Duty window visor, here are some tips for you:

  • Use a cleaner that will be suitable for the type of window visor in your vehicle.

You must clean your window visor using the appropriate cleaning materials or substances according to its type. If the cleaner is not compatible with the type of window visor that you have, then it may be left with abrasions. For instance, if you have a window visor that is layered with a little pad like the material of your vehicle's floor area, then a mild carpet cleaner will be suitable for it. Likewise, you must use a plastic cleaner if your window visor has plastic material.

  • Apply protectant to shield your window visor from the sun's harmful rays.

Even though your window visor provides protection, it can also be prone to fading and wearing out prematurely if not maintained properly. Hence, you can make use of a protectant through spraying or spreading it evenly. A protectant can keep the quality of your window visor while deflecting the harmful rays of the sun. It is very easy to be applied, so you can get the protection that your window visor deserves without much hassle.

  • When not in use, store your window visor in a safe area to prevent it from getting damaged.

If you are planning not to use your vehicle for quite some time, then it will be better if you keep your window visor intact in a proper storage area. This can prevent it from acquiring dirt or any scratches while you are away. Keep in mind that the removal of your window visor for storage can be beneficial for the long run, as you are allowing its quality and life to be extended.

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  • Three Simple Tips on How to Install Your New Ford F-350 Super Duty Window Visor Efficiently

    Most people find it a hassle when it is raining while driving. That is why your Ford F-350 Super Duty window visor minimizes the hassle that you experience. Through this, the water droplets and moisture are deflected and prevented from accumulating on your ride's door, so you do not have to be fully soaked once you get out. However, it can still wear out over time. So if you want to install a new Ford F-350 Super Duty window visor, here are some simple tips:

    Tip #1: Clean the installation area.

    Before installing your new window visor, you must clean the area where it will be attached. Once the dirt particles accumulate on the mounting area, your new window visor might not be securely installed. You can wash the area with a mild car soap and clean water, and wipe it with a smooth microfiber towel. These cleaning tools and substances are safe enough to prevent any abrasions on the mounting area.

    Tip #2: Draw marks on the installation area to line up your window visor properly.

    Keep in mind that your new window visor must be properly lined up in its mounting area because if not, it might fall off suddenly. So before installing it securely, it is better to pre-fit it and place temporary marks where it will be installed in the window area. You can also ask someone to hold the actual window visor for you while you draw the marks. Test fitting can help you to achieve a proper and secure installation.

    Tip #3: Ensure a strong bond between your window visor and its mounting area with an adhesive.

    There are two general types on how you can install your window visor—securing it in place using adhesive or inserting its flange or tongue in the window channel. Before attaching your window visor, you must be sure how it will be installed in the window area. In fact, it is more advisable to secure it with adhesive even though it can be attached through friction only. The adhesive, such as an epoxy, can ensure a durable bond for your window visor.