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Ford F-350 Carpet Kit

A Few Easy Tricks to Revive Your Ford F-350 Carpet Kit

Having a stylish yet fully functional carpet makes your vehicle look classy and comfortable. But much like other vehicle components, your Ford F-350 carpet kit can suffer from premature wear and tear if you don't take care of it. Among the interior parts, the carpet needs your care and attention. You don't need to sweat over it; here are some tips in preserving your carpet:

  • Clean and protect the carpet regularly.

Bringing anything liquid in your truck is a spill-in-the-making. Though it's fun and convenient to bring your drinks inside the cabin, you should be responsible enough to clean up any mess that's left. When you accidentally spill your beverage, the first thing you must do is to dilute it with cool water. Grab pieces of paper towels or a clean rag and blot the spilled drink. If the stain is still there after blotting it, then apply some glass cleaner on the stained area. Leave it to soak for a few minutes before blotting again. Once clean, spray carpet protector over the entire carpet to keep stains away.

  • Apply diluted ammonia on faded carpet.

You don't need to spend so much in purchasing a new Ford F-350 carpet kit. If your carpet has already faded over time, try to restore its glamour using a non-toxic solution. One way to brighten your faded carpet is to apply ammonia on the entire carpet surface. To make the solution work, be sure that the carpet is clean. Then, get the ammonia and mix a half cup of it with a pint of water. Test the solution on a discrete area first to see how it reacts to the carpet's material. If you've discovered that it's safe, then apply the mixture using a sponge mop. Keep in mind that carpets made of wool should not be treated with ammonia but with a different solution.

  • Eliminate stench using baking soda.

Whatever you bring in your car can possibly leave a smell, be it a fragrant smell or a bad odor. To get rid of the annoying stench coming from your carpet, sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the entire carpet flooring. Leave it to sit for about 30 minutes, then vacuum it off. Top it off with car fresheners to make your interior smell good.

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  • Three Tips for a Hassle-free Ford F-350 Carpet Kit Installation

    Your carpet flooring lets you step inside the car without worrying about getting tangled in wirings that go under the vehicle. The carpet also makes your feet comfortable as you drive and makes your truck's cabin look and feel clean and comfy. When your Ford F-350 carpet becomes torn or worn out, replacing it as soon as you can saves the flooring from acquiring rust and other types of damage. Below are a few tips on how to install a carpet kit flawlessly:

    Tip #1: Free the carpet from dust, dirt, and debris.

    Before doing step 1 of the installation procedure, make sure that you have cleaned the truck's cabin, especially the interior flooring. Since the carpet attaches on the flooring using adhesives, you must make sure that the surface is clean before installing the new carpet in place. You can apply some laundry detergent and rub it in thin layers across the carpet floor. Dry it completely afterwards to get rid of the mold smell from the old carpet.

    Tip #2: Make cutout guides for the openings.

    When installing the new carpet on your car, make sure that it will fit snugly onto the flooring. Remember that you should leave openings on the carpet to make way for components like the seats and wirings that go underneath the vehicle. This can be done by placing the old carpet over the new one and tracing the openings with a marker before cutting them out. Exercise caution when trimming so you don't trim too much of the carpet. Trim the excess carpet at the door sills to make it fit snugly onto the floor.

    Tip #3: Take out the connections before the installation.

    Removing the old carpet requires detaching some of the parts like the sill plates and electrical wires. To safely remove the wirings, disconnect the battery cables first. Always make safety your top priority especially when working with electrical components. In some vehicles, you might also need to remove the front seats and seat tracks. Carefully detach electrical cables connected to these seats, and use a deep-well socket to take out the rubber plugs securing these bolts.