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Ford F-350 Headlight Assembly

Tips on Knowing if the Ford F-350 Headlight Assembly is Problematic

The headlight assembly of the vehicle is very essential especially when the sun sets and night starts to embrace the skies. It's also the responsibility of every driver to switch this on when driving along a dark road. The Ford F-350 headlight assembly may be heavy-duty, but it's also quite inevitable for it to wear out in due time. If you feel like it's about to give up, but you're unsure, here are some tips to troubleshoot it at home.

Headlight assembly refuses to switch on.

The very basic thing to do is to check if the headlights turn on first to confirm if they are working or not. If they refuse to switch on, then there could be a problem with the fuse or the headlight itself. To check, open the fuse panel that's found under the steering column and take out the headlight fuse. If it's blown, then have it replaced with a new one; make sure that it's the same amperage.

The filament is damaged.

Under the hood, you can find the headlight power connector; make sure to unplug this and take out the bulb. If the filament inside the headlight bulb is damaged, have it replaced with a new one.

The light goes bright and dim.

Another way to find out if your headlight assembly is defective is if it's experiencing a bright-and-dim dilemma. This could mean that you have a problem with the alternator, which is responsible for providing all the power to the parts of the car. If it's broken, it can cause the headlights to flicker, hence causing the bright-and-dim dilemma. You might need to have the alternator inspected or replaced.

Some of the parts are covered with bite marks.

This is an uncommon case, but it can possibly be the reason why your headlight assembly ceases to function. Check if there are bite marks on the wirings because the rodents or mice often nibble on the connections and cause the headlights to stop working. If the wirings are broken or worn out, then it's time that you have them replaced to keep the headlight assembly working so that you'll be able to drive safely once the sun sets.

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  • Tips and Tricks on How to Keep the Ford F-350 Headlight Assembly in Top Shape

    It's a standard operating procedure for every responsible driver to switch the headlights on when it becomes dark or when the road is not illuminated sufficiently. That's why keeping the Ford F-350 headlight assembly in top shape is very important to continue having safe trips wherever you go. However, it's not a surprise that the assembly can also be problematic especially if it's not maintained very well. Replacing it with a new one can be expensive. The best thing to do is to maintain proper upkeep so that you can lengthen its life. Here are some tips that can help you keep the Ford F-350 headlight assembly in top shape.

    • Get moisture out of the headlight assembly.

      A small amount of moisture can be taken for granted by most car owners. But, it can get worse over time especially if you don't fix the matter at hand right away. Before cleaning it, you have to remove the headlight assembly first and make sure to separate all electrical connection. Place the headlight assembly on a towel that's lying on a level surface; make sure it's facing down. Wipe it carefully because the parts of the assembly are delicate.

    • Clean dust or debris from the headlight assembly.

      Sometimes, not only moisture can be the cause of a headlight assembly to dim, but also tiny debris that enter especially when you usually drive your vehicle on dusty trails. Instead of replacing the assembly with a new one, you might as well clean it up. You can restore it up by spraying it with a glass cleaner and wiping it clean with paper towels.

    • Restore the headlight assembly lens.

      Since it's inevitable for moisture or dirt and dust to enter the headlight assembly, you might as well try to restore it by polishing it off. You can do this by carefully taking out the lens from the vehicle and buffing the inside with restoration polish. This will make the lens shiny again. If you're not satisfied, you can always repeat the process until you get that shine you are trying to achieve. Once you have restored the lens, you'll be able to drive your car with an excellent headlight assembly.