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Ford F-450 Super Duty Fuel Tank

Automotive Care 101: Protect Your Ford F-450 Super Duty Fuel Tank with these Tips

When sediments, rust, and other debris get into your car's fuel tank, the result can be devastating. Aside from fuel contamination, a bad fuel tank can also cause the fuel pump to malfunction. This means that your vehicle's gas tank must always be in optimum condition to keep the other fuel system components working. Give your Ford F-450 super duty fuel tank the support it deserves through these maintenance do's and don'ts:

  • Keep the fuel tank free from contaminants.

Your ride can be greatly affected by sub-quality and contaminated fuel from the tank. Don't let this happen by cleaning the gas tank periodically. Removing dirt and debris restores the environment inside the tank to its original state. Depending on your knowledge and repair skills, you can do the cleaning yourself. But if you think that you are not that familiar with the tank, then it would be better to bring your car to a radiator shop and have it steam-cleaned. On top of reconditioning your gas tank, mechanics at the shop can also inspect the component for leaks that may have escaped your eyes.

  • Filter the fuel before returning it to the tank.

After cleaning the tank, make sure that the old fuel you have just drained is clean and pure. Look for debris that may have fallen inside the gas can while you were performing fuel tank maintenance. Once you are guaranteed that the old fuel is contaminant-free, put it back to the tank with caution. Remember that fuel is highly combustible, so even a little spill might start a fire. If you are short of time to perform proper filtering, get a fuel caddy that comes with built-in filters. This can help you remove debris from the old fuel, making it pure and reusable again.

  • Drain the fuel tank periodically.

You have a variety of options on how to drain your car's gas tank. The most popular way to drain it is by releasing the fuel cap and letting the gas pour out into a gas can. Periodic draining makes way for fuel tank cleaning, and lets you take a peek at the gas tank's condition. Just ensure that you dry the tank completely after draining and cleaning to prevent corrosion.

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  • Ford F-450 Super Duty Fuel Tank Installation Hacks That Are Sure to Pump up Your Ride

    Learning that your fuel tank has been damaged should be enough for you to head over to the car parts store and get a replacement. You don't need sophisticated knowledge to install a new Ford F-450 super duty fuel tank. The installation itself involves only simple procedures, and can be accomplished by an average mechanic. For a hassle-free installation, here are a few things you should consider:

    Tip #1: Stay away from pilot lights or flame.

    Since you are dealing with fuel, it's best that you do the installation outdoors. Make sure that you keep away from pilot lights or any other sources of flame or spark. Getting in contact with these may cause a fire and put you, as well as other people nearby, in a hazardous situation. Maintain a clean and organized work area to prevent any mishaps, as clutter can cause accidents. You may also choose to keep your tools nearby for convenience.

    Tip #2: Prepare a fire extinguisher.

    You must have a fire extinguisher ready for emergency purposes. Due to the highly flammable structure of the fuel tank, you'll never know where a sudden spark may come from, leading to fire and other accidents. Having a fire extinguisher on hand can save you from a possible fire.

    Tip #3: Save the gas from the old fuel tank.

    The first thing you need to do when installing a Ford F-450 super duty fuel tank is to drain the gas from the old tank. To do this, a clean gas is necessary; this will act as the temporary container to store the old fuel while you install the new gas tank. Keep the gas can in a safe place and cover it to prevent contamination. Be careful when you empty out the old fuel tank and drain all of the gas into the container. It can take a few minutes to drain completely if you have just refilled the tank. Just be patient and wait for all of the gas to pour out. Keep an eye out for spills; if you spot some, clean them up immediately.