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Ford F-450 Super Duty Door Handle

Common Issues with the Ford F-450 Super Duty Door Handle

Built to help you enter and exit your truck, the Ford F-450 Super Duty door handle means you do not ever have to enter your truck through its windows. Designed to work with a set of rotors and mechanisms, it allows you to lock your vehicle and keep it secure against theft. Unfortunately, door handles are prone to damage. They may get jammed or stuck at times, preventing you from opening your truck's doors. If this happens, it's time you do some troubleshooting. Below are most common issues with a Ford F-450 Super Duty door handle:

Slacking door handle

Over time, the door handle on your truck starts to slack. You might think that this is caused by breaks or small cracks on the handle, but it's actually due to a couple of loose screws. One of the most common reasons why screws come loose is because of constant road vibrations. If this happens, tighten the door handle's screws with a screwdriver; secure them back into place. Old or corroded screws must be replaced with a set of new ones.

Signs of physical damage

Although almost all door handles are made from the toughest and most durable materials, their location makes them prone to damage. Since your truck is built to tackle the most unyielding off-road terrain, high-intensity impacts from road debris can render its door handle useless. Some other factors of door handle failure are corrosion, wear, and too much use. Steel door handles are tougher against damage but are still susceptible to corrosion. Plastic door handles, on the other hand, are corrosion resistant but are easily damaged. Replacement of the broken and rusted part is the only way to resolve this issue.

Malfunctioning latches and locks

Latches and locks are integral parts of your truck's door mechanism. Without them, your door handle won't function. It will get stuck, and you need to exert extra effort to release the latch and lock from their levers. This usually happens during the winter months, and it's recommended that you lubricate them regularly. Lubrication will also eliminate any irritating noise coming from the door handle and latch.

  • Tips on Keeping a Ford F-450 Super Duty Door Handle in Working Condition

    Imagine climbing through your truck's window just to access the driver seat. Well, without a Ford F-450 Super Duty door handle, this might be the only course of action for you. Made from either plastic or metal, they make it easier for you to open enter your truck, with just a lift of a handle. Although door handles are often disregarded or forgotten, they are additional security features against car thieves. If you want to have a safer and easier driving experience, take good care of your Ford F-450 Super Duty's door handles. Avoid all the hassles with these basic maintenance tips:

    Handle it with care.

    Excessive use of your truck's door handle is one of the most common reasons of damage. Also, by applying too much force when pulling the handle can break the handle, loosen screws, and latches. When closing the door, always use appropriate force to preserve the handle's service life. Door handles only require minimum force when lifting and opening it. You really don't need to pull it all the way up or slam it till the door breaks from its hinges. Always be a responsible driver and passenger to avoid future door handle mishaps.

    Lubricate it regularly.

    Door handles are designed and built to work with numerous mechanical parts to provide you with seamless entry and exit from your truck. To ensure that these parts are working properly and corrosion-free, apply lubricant on them. For truck owners who live in colder climates, the door mechanism needs to be lubricated every four to six weeks to prevent it from freezing. But on a regular basis, the mechanism needs to be lubricated every three months, to avoid corrosion buildup on its mechanism, cables, and screws.

    Keep it clean and shiny.

    It's a golden rule when it comes to car care and maintenance: keep them parts clean and shiny! A clean door handle keeps rust at bay, as they would say. Use mild car shampoo when cleaning your truck's door handles, and make sure to remove all the stubborn dirt and grime. For chrome and stainless steel handles, there are polishes that can be used to protect it from the elements, while giving it a brilliant new shine.