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Ford F150 Carpet Kit

How to Take Care of Your Ford F150 Carpet Kit

Ford trucks are diligent workhorses that have provided worthwhile service to the American market for decades. This tough truck image that Ford has created and maintained throughout the years has been proven in different situations. Some Ford trucks are used to haul trailers, some of them serve as lifestyle vehicles, while still others are used for off-roading. Being subjected to the different demands of the American market can take a toll on your truck's different components, even those that are often taken for granted. This is the case of the Ford F150 carpet kit. Despite its role in keeping your truck's floor away from elements, this component can quickly be disregarded in your truck's daily use. Here are some tips on how to take care of it.

  • Identify what caused the stain and match it with the appropriate cleaning product.

Carpet stains can be caused by a multiple of products. This can be spilled coffee, ink, oil, mud, etc. Being able to identify what kind of stain is left on your carpet can help you match the right DIY cleaning method. Stains react differently depending on the product that you apply to it. It is best to address these stains individually before doing a general washing and cleaning.

  • Remove the carpets from your truck and dust it off before washing.

Prior to washing your carpet kit, you can already remove some particles by dusting it. You can do so by using a vacuum to rid the carpet of any dry loose dirt. Use the vacuum thoroughly to be able to reach particles in hard-to-reach areas. After which, you can still brush your carpet to loosen remaining particles before soaking it with water and shampoo.

  • Soak your carpet in hot water and carpet shampoo for a few minutes before scrubbing.

After the initial cleaning, you would want to soak your carpet kit in hot water mixed with your choice of car shampoo. Soaking the carpet for a few minutes allows the solution to work on the dirt and stains. Once the solution has already reacted on the carpet, you can scrub it with a good brush.

  • Rinse and let the carpet dry.

Once you are done with soaking and brushing your carpet, you rinse it with clean water. Make sure that there are no solution residues left. After that, allow your carpet to dry and it's all good to go again.

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  • Tips on Knowing When and How to Replace Your Ford F150 Carpet Kit

    An outdoorsman loves his tough American truck. Its service extends anywhere from taking the family to a vacation, hauling heaps of trailers, and taking terrains head on. These tasks have solidified the tough truck image Ford has set for the F150. But dirt can accumulate on your truck’s floor over continued use. More than that, extensive use can also wear out your Ford F150 carpet kit. Knowing how to address it can help you keep your truck’s floor away from mud and dirt as you use it. Here are some tips on when and how to replace your Ford F150 carpet kit.

    Tip #1: Evaluate the condition of your old carpet. Check for signs of wearing and holes.

    Wear and tear is inevitable even with your truck’s carpets. Depending on the nature of your work, destinations, and maintenance methods, the carpet should last at least two to three years without issue. But always keep a watchful eye for signs of wearing out even before you hit its expected lifespan. Holes usually develop near the truck’s pedals. The pivot motion your right foot makes when alternating between the accelerator and brake pedals thins out the area on the carpet where your right heel usually sits. As for stains and dirt, there might be some areas which cannot be treated with cleaning solutions anymore. If these symptoms become apparent, it would be a good idea to get a new Ford F150 carpet kit.

    Tip #2: Remove the old carpet from your truck then vacuum the interior.

    Before installing your new carpet, you should make the necessary preparations for it. First, you need to peel away the old layer of carpet. We don’t mean that you literally have to peel it away. We just mean to remove your old carpet from your truck. After removing the carpet kit, you proceed with cleaning your interior with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

    Tip #3: Choose the right carpet dimension and material for your truck.

    Again, you have to take into consideration the following factors: your destinations, the type of work your truck is involved, and your eye for aesthetic appeal. Once you have sorted these things out, then you can choose the right carpet kit for your Ford F150. Happy installation!