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Ford F150 Cold Air Intake

How to Take Care of Your Ford F150 Cold Air Intake

Ever since the conception of combustion engines, these power plants had to rely on an ideal fuel and air mixture to properly carry on their functions. To improve the air flow further, aftermarket parts like the Ford F150 cold air intake are installed. But this component will not do its job once you take it for granted. So it's a must that you inspect it together with the other components of your Ford F150. Here are some tips on how to take care of your Ford F150 cold air intake.

  • Dismount the air cleaner from your cold air intake.

As its name implies, the filter acts as the component that prevents particles from entering your intake system. However, its use and exposure to elements over time let it accumulate particles. At a certain point, it will be already clogged with too many particles that your engine will not be able to breathe properly anymore. Once your air filter is already dirty, you have two options depending on the material it is made up of.

  • Wash and scrub the air cleaner if the filter material can be washed.

There are air filters that can be cleaned using water and shampoo. Once you have verified it is the type of material that can be washed, proceed to directing a steady stream of clean water to it. Gently scrub it with a sponge or brush soaked in cleaning solution. Be careful not to damage the filter as holes may render the filter useless. After washing, let the air filter dry.

  • For filters that cannot be washed, replace it with new stock.

Once you have determined the material of your dirty filter, you can go to an automotive shop and buy the appropriate air filter. Remove the old dirty filter and replace it with the new one. After replacing it, your truck should be breathing like brand new again.

  • Wipe your intake pipe once in a while.

You can keep your intake pipe cleaning by wiping it with a clean wet cloth every time you do your car wash. Don't forget to dry it up after.

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  • Installation Tips for Your Ford F150 Cold Air Intake

    Combustion engines are designed to make use of air and fuel to facilitate the explosions that happen in their chambers. In order to have efficient burning, the engine needs to get the right amount of air and fuel mixture. While the fuel pump and fuel injection system are responsible for feeding the engine the right amount of fuel, the intake system takes care of sucking air to aid the explosion in the chamber. This principle is still the main proponent in today’s engines. Latest developments in automotive technology allow modern V8 engines like that found in the Ford F150 to harness better output. To improve the air flow further, there are aftermarket parts like the Ford F150 cold air intake. If you are keen on improving your truck’s respiratory system, here are some tips on how to install it:

    Tip #1: Get the right component for the year and engine of your Ford F150.

    You have to make sure that the cold air intake that you are going to buy for your truck matches its engine and your desired output. Different cold air intakes have various levels of performance improvement to your truck. Choose well to avoid wasting your time, effort, and money.

    Tip #2: Before working on your engine, make sure that it is cool to touch.

    Once you have decided to work on your engine, make sure to park your truck in a cool dry place and let the engine sit until it cools down. Working on a hot engine is a no-no, and it can get you harmed.

    Tip #3: Make careful measurements in your engine bay before mounting the intake.

    Before mounting your cold air intake, you should take careful measurements around your engine bay. You should also note the dimensions of the cold air intake you are about to install. Once you have noted the measurements for both, you can determine if it is ready for installation or your truck still needs a few more adjustments.

    Tip #4: Remove your old air intake and replace it with the new cold air intake.

    One you are ready with your new component, remove your old intake. Follow the instructions on the manual for the new cold air intake to be able to mount it on your F150’s engine without any issue.