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Ford F-150 Grille Shell

The Ford F-150 grille shell is part of the grille assembly that protects the vehicle from different kinds of road debris such as rocks, mud, leaves, sand, and many others. The shell strengthens the core of the assembly by providing another layer of protection. At the same time, it also serves as a way to enhance the appearance of the vehicle without having to diminish its performance. The grille shell is also made from durable materials so it won't easily break during hard collisions on surfaces and other vehicles. But what do you really need to look for in order to know whether your Ford's grille shell is defective? Here are some ideas:

Dents and cracks

The first things you would notice on a damaged Ford F-150 grille shell are a couple of dents, cracks, or scratches on the surface. This is often caused by bumping on walls or other vehicles or when huge road debris hits the grille. Although the grille shell is made from hard materials, it is still inevitable for the materials to get damaged every once in a while. The coating may also get scratched off when sharp objects slit through the shell without you knowing it. By simply looking at every corner of the grille shell, you can see some dents, cracks, and other problems. But if you think these won't affect the performance of the grille assembly as a whole, there is no need to remove or replace the shell.

Attaching difficulties

The grille shell is attached on the vehicle using bolts or drills. This means that it should be secure and not hanging loosely on the front part of the vehicle. If you notice the grille shell of your Ford truck to be unattached properly on the truck, then you only need to drill it again. Attaching the grille shell should not take more than five to ten minutes for experienced drivers, so if you still haven't properly mounted your truck's grille shell after an hour or so, surely there is a problem with the one you have. And if the shell still does not get attached no matter how hard you drill it in, then it might be time to get a replacement.

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