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Ford Focus Parts and Ford Focus Accessories

For barely five years in the US and seven years in Europe, the Ford Focus has brought so much success for Ford. It is considered as the best selling Ford car in Europe, beating in sales its predecessor, the Ford Escort. It was also a success in the United States, a car market where Ford has not been successful for their European models for years. The Ford Focus indeed is the current Ford best seller, not only in the US and Europe but throughout the world.
The Ford Focus was first introduced in Europe in 1998, replacing the then successful Ford Escort. Two years later, in 2000, the car model was also introduced in the US. The car was an instant hit in Europe, probably because of its style and appearance that is distinctly European. It was also sold there at large in the hatchback body style, a body style loved by most European car buyers because of its practicality. And while the radical hatchback design was not as popular in the US, the Ford Focus also became successful when it was introduced to the North American market, although most of the success was credited to its sedan and coupe versions.

What probably made the Ford Focus an instant hit and best seller is its radical yet elegant styling. It is the current product of Ford's "New Edge" design philosophy, a design philosophy also used on the Ford Kia, Ford Puma and Ford Cougar. Furthermore, Ford gave the Focus a body style that can adapt to the needs and likes of their particular markets. It was sold at large in the practical and versatile hatchback body style in Europe while in the US, the car was sold in the sleek looking sedan body style that most Americans love. The car model is also available in 3-door and 5-door coupe body styles in various markets, including the US and Europe.

Aside from its style, the Ford Focus is also well-loved for its capability; equipped with high quality and ingeniously designed Ford Focus parts for its optimum performance. Current American versions of the car are equipped with three variations of the Duratec 4-cylinder engines, with power outputs that range from 130 hp for the super clean Duratec 20E, to 151 hp for the Duratec 23 engine. Transmission options include a standard 5-speed manual transaxle and an optional 4-speed automatic transaxle, both systems with overdrive options. Giving the Ford Focus a comfortable ride are its independent MacPherson front suspension and a Control Blade Independent rear suspension.

Aside from these basic mechanical Ford Focus parts, the Ford Focus is also equipped with various other parts that make it perform better, like high quality interior and exterior parts, as well as rigid and elegantly designed body parts. Available also are various performance and custom Ford Focus parts that may improve its performance and look.