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Ford Focus Bumper Cover

Preserve the Glamour of Your Ford Focus Bumper Cover with These Tips

Modern vehicles come with more stylish and stronger bumpers. However, this doesn't mean that you can just leave it unattended and expect it to be as sturdy as it was in the beginning. Almost all car parts get worn over time, and when this happens, replacement may be necessary. To extend the lifespan of your Ford Focus bumper cover, it's important to keep it in mint condition. Here are some car care tips you can follow:

  • Look out for scratches and fix them immediately.

Examine the surface of your bumper cover every now and then. Doing so lets you see how damaged the component is and how much repair you need to do. Small scratches, such as a minor scratch or a sequence of scratches, can be erased easily as long as they haven't cut deep into the bumper. All you need to do is to sand these light scratches and polish them with an automobile buffer and buffing compound. Continue buffing the surface until it becomes smooth again and conducive for repainting.

  • Level up the protection with bumper guard protectors.

Though the bumper cover uses heavy-duty material, constant exposure to road dust and debris can reduce its strength, reducing its protective capability as well. To preserve the bumper, you can install bumper guard protectors on it. These look like rubber bushings attached on the bumpers for added protection. Aside from shielding your vehicle's bumper cover, the bumper guard protectors also give your SUV a stylish appearance. A variety of bumper protector designs are available in the market. You just need to choose one that matches your car's overall style.

  • Use hot water to remove dents on the bumper cover.

Not everyone has mastered the skill of parking properly, be it in a public parking or in your very own garage. This usually leads to accidents and leaves unsightly dents on your vehicle's bumper cover. Since no one finds dilapidated bumpers as hot or stylish, fixing it immediately is crucial. You don't need to shell out tons of cash to get the bumper fixed. All you need to do is to pour some boiling water over the target dent and reach under the wheel to add pressure for popping out the dent. This trick comes from the idea that heat allows the bumper cover's material to expand and become flexible. Once done, spill some cold water on the popped out area so it shrinks back to its normal shape.

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  • Have a Quick Ford Focus Bumper Cover Installation with These Tips

    You don't need to spend so much to make your car look stunning. One quick way to upgrade its appearance is through the addition of a stylish and reliable Ford Focus bumper cover. You can get a cover from various aftermarket vendors at affordable prices. And to ease up the installation process, here are a number of tips when placing a new bumper cover on your vehicle:

    Tip #1: Wash off dirt and grime.

    For any installation to succeed, it's essential to always start with a clean slate. Take note that the dirt and debris left on the vehicle can hinder proper alignment and attachment of the components. A squeaky-clean bumper makes it easy for you to fit the bolts through the holes. On top of washing your car, you need to clean the new bumper cover as well. It's important to get rid of contaminants that may come with your newly-purchased cover. One of the things you may notice with a new cover is that it usually comes with a primer applied on its surface, making it slightly rough. So to smoothen the area, you can sand it with 600-grit sandpaper. Make sure you apply some wax afterwards to make it appear shiny.

    Tip #2: Ask for a helping hand.

    Have a friend assist you with some of the steps in the installation procedure. Though the installation is relatively simple, it won't hurt to make it faster through the help of a friend. You can ask someone to assist you in lifting the bumper cover as you do the alignment. This way, your hands are free to line up the holes in the bumper cover. When you have aligned and fitted the bolts through their respective holes, secure them tightly with the nuts. You can ask your friend to release the bumper once you have hand-tightened the nuts.

    Tip #3: Run a test to evaluate the bumper's alignment.

    After performing all of the steps indicated in the installation manual, the only thing you have to do is to assess the alignment of the bumper cover. Stand in front of your vehicle and examine the bumper cover. This acts like a quality check to see if you have installed it correctly and to make some minor adjustments if needed.