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Ford Focus Headlight

Enhance your Driving Safety at Night with Proper Ford Focus Headlight Maintenance

Driving at night or in dark areas would be seamless and fun if you have high-quality, bright headlights. However, there will come a time when your car's headlights will let you down. Due to wear and tear, you might need to get yourself into a costly and tedious replacement. Good thing, there are ways to extend your headlight's lifespan so you don't have to buy a new one. Here are a few tricks to keeping your Ford Focus headlight in top condition:

  • Always inspect the lenses.

Make it a habit to see if your headlight lenses are still in proper working condition. Headlights usually become cloudy after some time, causing their beams to diffuse. This makes it difficult for you to see the road and makes driving risky. Some headlight lenses are more vulnerable to peeling and flaking after a few years. That is why you should inspect them for these early signs of damage. If you find your headlight lenses to be damaged, replacing them as soon as possible is essential to prevent electrical repairs that have resulted from exposed headlight bulbs.

  • Regularly clear dirt and debris off the headlights.

Washing off dirt and other contaminants from the headlights can go a long way in preserving your them. Use a tape to cover the area and to avoid scratching the paint around the headlight. Make sure that you wash the headlight using car soap only. You can also apply cleaning agents, so long as you read the product label and ensure that they have no harmful chemicals.

A 1000-grit sandpaper is another tool you may need when cleaning the lens. Just wet the surface and sand in one direction only. After you have wiped off the soap and water with a towel, applying a wax sealer caps off the procedure.

  • Replace damaged headlights in pairs.

Some drivers replace only one headlight and end up with one bright and one dim light. To get both lights at the same brightness level, it's best to replace them in pairs. Even if only one headlight has gone bad, the other must be replaced as well. This ensures that you don't have to replace any one of your headlights anytime soon.

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  • Common Problems Meet Their Fixes: Ford Focus Headlight Troubleshooting

    There's no way you can drive safely through the night without properly working headlights. After all, your Ford Focus headlight is built to help you see and navigate at night and in dark places. Over time, you may experience problems with your headlights caused by a lot of factors. Here's a guide for you to have an idea of the common headlight problems and how to fix them.

    Your car's headlight lenses are cracked.

    Road debris such as stones or low-hanging branches can cause your headlight lenses to crack. If you leave this crack unattended, there's a huge possibility that it will widen, allowing water and moisture to enter. When this happens, the water inside will cause the headlight bulb to break.

    Repairing headlights is somehow similar to fixing windshields. You can use either liquid repair solutions or repair patches to seal the crack, blocking moisture and water from going through the lens. These temporary solutions also prevent the crack from widening further. Take note that most repair kits use resin that is cured by ultraviolet light, so you have to bring your car outdoors when fixing it.

    The lenses are fogged or have turned yellow.

    Among the most common headlight issues is the fogging or "yellowing" of the headlight lenses. This is usually due to the lubricants leaching out, resulting in the plastic drying out. Some refer to this process as "oxidizing". When the headlight lens becomes fogged, the light could hardly pass through, and most of the beam is diffused in other directions. To restore the clarity of the headlight, you can use a fine 1500-grit sandpaper to remove the fogged layer of the plastic. You can also try other DIY abrasive substances such as toothpaste and peanut butter. After removing the fogged part, smooth it out and polish with a clean cloth.

    The headlights are not aligned.

    Headlight housing replacements are usually aligned by an authorized mechanic. But you can also align the headlights yourself by looking for the adjustment screw near the bubble levels. Turn this screw until the bubble sits between the two lines. Just ensure that your car is parked on a flat surface when vertically aligning the headlights.