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Ford Focus Hood

The most exotic auto feature ever crafted to make a vehicle look more appealing and sophisticated is the body kit. Unluckily not all types of vehicles can be dressed up with the kind of accessory. The Ford Focus estate version for example possesses a configuration that no body kit can be applied, unlike Ford Focus ZX4 SE and Mk II models. But even without the use of body kits, a Ford Focus can stay handsome and elegant. Body panels such as the hood can help keep the vehicle good looking. By the use of a custom Ford Focus hood, the unit would surely look fresher. OEM or factory Ford Focus hoods can also do the job. With simply adding hood scoops and hood deflectors, cooler and trendier face will be achieved.

The hood is another kind of door that blocks and opens access to the engine chamber. In a way they also serve as protection for the engine and the rest of the vital parts inside the chamber. Typically, hoods are sheet metals molded to make perfect fit on the design of the engine chamber. Like all other hoods, Ford Focus hoods are usually given stylish designs. But the aftermarket Ford Focus hoods, especially that were custom made, most often present higher sense of fashion than the original ones. Aside from that aspect, different types of Ford Focus would vary according to the quality of materials and durability.

Ford Focus hoods are comprised of inner and outer panels. The outer panel is a metal cover purposely made to be the engine shield against rain and other foreign materials, while the inner panel works as braces that make the entire panel strong and rigid. The quality of these panels can be enhanced by other hood accessories, when it comes to performance and aesthetics. Aside from hood scoops and hood deflectors which both deal with aero aspects that help in the performance of the, Ford Focus hoods can also be incorporated with ad-ons that simply protect the hoods themselves such as nose bra and or hood masks.

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