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Signs of Hyundai Accent Oil Pressure Sender Failure

Keeping oil pressure at optimum level is important in ensuring that all the moving parts of your car's engine are well lubricated. To give you a hand in this, you have your Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender. This allows Accent owners like you to know when engine oil pressure is low. Once it fails, you can be in so much trouble. To fix any problem with the oil pressure sender of your Hyundai Accent, read on to know the early signs of defect.

Activated lights

Lights-that's one thing you should always take note of. Lights are the best signals in your car. In the case of your Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender, two activated lights should already warn you of a defect. First, check your oil pressure gauge. This normally lights up when you switch on the ignition, but it should also deactivate once the engine starts. If you observe an opposite scenario, you have to check two things: your engine oil pressure (because it might already be too low, causing the activation of your oil pressure gauge) and your Check Engine Light. It is recommended that you take a look at your Check Engine Light first simply because this is easier and far cleaner to check. If you see your Check Engine Light on, together with your oil pressure gauge, then it is certain that a Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender failure is already underway. Head to a car parts dealer and purchase a replacement right away.

Malfunctioning oil pressure gauge

Your Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender works with an oil pressure gauge; one's function affects the operation of the other, and that means that failure in your Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender translates to malfunction in your car's oil pressure gauge. When you first start your Accent, it is normal to get a low oil pressure reading. But erratic pressure indicators after the engine has already warmed are a sure sign of failure. Since your Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender is mainly responsible for the measurements, it is also the likely cause of the malfunction in your gauge. Luckily, you can already purchase a reliable replacement for the cheap price of $5.23. If you are looking for more specialized products, just be prepared to set aside $102.94 from your car maintenance budget. That's still cheap, compared to the costs of further damage to your car, isn't it?

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  • Maintenance Tips for a Hyundai Accent Oil Pressure Sender

    It goes without saying that the Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender is one important car component with a crucial function. Once this part becomes faulty, expect erratic/faulty oil pressure readings in your vehicle, which can result in a myriad of troubles. If you want your oil pressure sender to work well in a long while, take note of these maintenance tips:

    Check your oil pressure sender.

    It always pays to allot some time for inspections. Check your oil pressure sender, which is just beside your Accent's oil filter, for signs of wear or fault. Of course, aside from the possible wear on your Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender, you also have to check possible defects on other related components. In particular, pay some attention to the wirings. Grounded or disconnected wirings can likely cause Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender failure. Check your Accent's oil pump too. A worn or clogged pump can also cause your sender to have erratic oil pressure readings.

    Take note of the signs of wearing out.

    Your Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender will fail or wear out over time. A worn or failing sender is usually signaled by erratic oil pressure readings and the activation of the Check Engine Light on your dashboard. Once these signs of wear begin to surface, contact a Hyundai parts dealer right away-replacement should already be underway. Replacing can be an unwanted experience, yes, but you're somehow still in luck since Hyundai oil pressure sender replacements are widely available at automotive shops. But the best part in purchasing a well-functioning Hyundai Accent oil pressure sender is that the price range is only between $6 and $103. Not too much for a good car part, right?