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Ford Fusion Parts and Ford Fusion Accessories

Ford Fusion: Eight Interesting Facts about the American Mid-size Car

  • The Ford Fusion was the first line to showcase the three-bar grille design. Dubbed as the "new face of Ford", this design was introduced at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in 2003. If counted with the two bars located below the bumper, this unique grille design will form a five-bar design.

  • In 2006, engineers and technicians of Ford started the Fusion 999 project, which aimed to produce a fuel cell version of the Fusion that could set a new land speed record. One year after, the Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 was launched, and it did not disappoint during the Bonneville Speed Week with its speed record of 207.297 mph.

  • Want to know where the name Fusion came from? Initially called the Futura, Ford decided to drop the name because of a trademark lawsuit that was filed against them by the Pep Boys-an auto parts store which sells a line of tires under the same brand name.

  • In the world of NASCAR, the Fusion replaced the Taurus as Ford's new body style in 2006. This makes the Fusion the second Ford vehicle to debut in NASCAR at the same year of its launch.

  • To stay true to its "Power of Choice" initiative, Ford will launch different versions of the Fusion for its 2013 line-up: hybrid, gasoline, and plug-in hybrid. Because of these choices, the Fusion will be recognized as the first sedan line to offer such options.

  • As a part of its environment sustainability program, the Ford Fusion Hybrid boasts several interior features that are made from 100% postindustrial materials. Some of these features are the seat covers that are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and the soy-based seat foams.

  • As of September 2012, the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as the most efficient mid-size hybrid sedan. With an average mpg rating of 47 for city, combined, and highway cycles, this model outperformed other hybrid vehicles by 4 or 8 mpg.

  • When the Ford Fusion was introduced, it sold a total of 30,000 units during its first quarter. And by October 2009, it was distinguished as the best-selling domestic car and one of the best-selling vehicles in the United States.

Ford Fusion Articles

  • Car Owner 101: Ford Fusion Problems

    Over the years, the Ford Fusion has received various recognitions for its innovative design and impressive gas mileage. Tagged as one of the best-selling mid-size cars of all time, this vehicle comes in several models such as the next-generation and plug-in hybrids. However, although it has several outstanding awards, it still has drawbacks that all car owners should be familiar with in case they want to purchase a Fusion.


    In terms of safety, the Fusion, particularly the hybrid models, encountered some safety issues in its braking system. These issues were brought to Ford's attention when a senior engineer reported in Consumer Reports that even though the hybrid's brake pedal was pressed more than necessary, the vehicle did not decrease its speed at all.

    To deal with this recurring problem, a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for a software update was issued by Ford concerning Fusion hybrids manufactured on or before October of 2009.


    If there's one system in the Ford Fusion that is very susceptible to malfunctions, then it's the transmission. In fact, both manual and automatic transmissions are affected by various problems. Unfortunately, since the problems can vary from rough gear changes to sudden car shakes, most dealers cannot solve them. What's more, unusually high revolutions per minute (RPM) caused by the lower gears have also been reported.

    As a solution, Ford has issued several recalls over the years for various transmission components such as the PCM calibration device and crankshaft pulley. Though these recalls somehow solved some transmission problems, many car owners are still reporting complex malfunctions nowadays.

    Other issues

    Some car experts reported other issues regarding the comfort and interior design of the Fusion. In fact, Motor Trend cited that because of the lower rear-seat cushion and uncomfortably low front-center armrest, a Fusion owner may experience discomfort if he or she is not used to the set-up.

    Another issue with the Fusion, particularly with the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport, was noted by Car and Driver because of the mismatched interior colors. Because the inserts on the seats and rubber dash were only available in blue or red, these components could possibly clash with some of the Fusion Sport's available exterior paint jobs.