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Ford Fusion Brake Disc

Tips to Keep Your Ford Fusion Brake Disc in Its Optimum Working Condition

Your Ford Fusion brake disc is durably made to help your vehicle come to a safe stop. It works with the other braking components such as the brake pads, and they create a friction to enable their stopping capacity. However, your brake disc can be worn out over time. If it is damaged, it can affect the smooth operation of your braking system. Thus, you must know how to take care of your brake disc. Here are some tips that can guide you:

  • Remove rust on the part of your disc that does not make contact with the pads.

Your brake disc can have surface rust over time. For this matter, you should not worry as the rust can be rubbed off due to the contact of your brake disc with the brake pads. However, you must sand your disc hat to remove rust on it. This is because this hat is located on the hub of your brake disc, which does not press against the brake pads. You can use medium-grit sandpaper for the job, which is not too coarse and has just the right texture for removing rust in this area.

  • Practice moderate braking while driving to prevent too much heat on your disc.

Another important maintenance tip is for you to take note of your driving habits. Remember that when you decide to bring your vehicle to a stop, your brake disc generates a large amount of heat once it is pressed against the brake pads. Too much heat can cause your brake disc to fade prematurely. Thus, you must practice moderate braking. This can allow the internal vents in your brake disc to regulate the heat, so you can maintain its smooth function.

  • Do not lubricate your brake disc because friction keeps it working.

Keep in mind that although the moving components in your braking system must be lubricated, you must not include your brake disc and the pads. This is because your brake disc needs to have friction with the pads in order to perform its stopping function. However, keep the screws and the bushing of your brake caliper lubricated enough. The caliper is fitted over your brake disc, which allows the movement of your brake disc to be pressed against the pads. If it has friction, then it will cause your brake disc to malfunction. Thus, it is recommended to use white lithium grease for lubricating. This multi-purpose grease provides enhanced protection for the caliper and other braking components while keeping their smooth function for an extended period of time.

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  • Troubleshooting Common Ford Fusion Brake Disc Problems

    Your Ford Fusion brake disc is an essential part of your vehicle's braking system. It works through friction to help bring your ride to a safe stop whenever you step on the brakes. However, your brake disc can wear out due to several causes and must be repaired or replaced immediately. To avoid further problems in your braking system as a whole, you should know common signs of problems in your brake disc. Here are some of the common issues that you may encounter in your vehicle, which are linked to a malfunctioning brake disc:

    Uncontrolled movement to one side of the ride

    If your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road even if you already stepped on the brake pedal, then that may be an indication of a worn out or warped brake disc. Warping makes the structure of your brake disc shabby and thinner. If your brake disc experiences this, it will not be able to provide enough friction to bring your vehicle to a safe stop. Instead, it can move your vehicle to one side even if you do not take control of it.

    Different noises from the brakes

    You should know the cause of different noises that you hear from your brakes. If you hear a squealing noise, it is usually caused by warped or deformed brake disc. However, it is a worse case if you hear a noise that is similar to grinding metal. That is usually an indication of brake pads that are deeply damaged. Their metal composition is already weak and thin, and should be replaced immediately because they press against your brake disc.

    Evident grooves

    When you see through your tires that your brake disc has hollow cuts or trenches while your vehicle is parked, your brake disc has been deformed. This usually happens when your brake pads are worn out but you are not able to replace them immediately. When your brake disc is pressed against the worn out metal of the pads, it can be left with deep grooves.