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Ford Fusion Brake Disc and Pad Kit

Taking Care of Your Ford Fusion Brake Disc and Pad Kit Made Easy

The Ford Fusion is one of the Blue Oval's newest creations that are meant to bring a significant impact in the market. By its design and specifications, it is clear that it will go head to head with the likes of the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Chevy Malibu. It is fitted with a capable engine and other amenities that manage to give you a comfortable yet wonderful drive. Its tasteful combination will make you want to go from place to place and enjoy the trip. But beyond the drivetrain, suspension, and creature comforts, you should also look into at the Ford Fusion brake disc and pad kit. This system is the one responsible for giving your car optimum handling and stopping ability. Having disc brakes instead of the older drum brakes is slowly becoming the norm in almost every vehicle. They provide a more precise response when you need it. More than that, it is designed not to cause unnecessary steering on your components. To be able to fully benefit from this kit, you need to take good care of it. Here are some tips on how to take care of these disc brake components.

  • Exercise and shift your behavior to become a smooth driver.

Let's be clear on this one: you are driving on public roads, not on the race track. Therefore, you need not be the fastest driver making time attacks from different points in the city, country to other destinations. This puts a lot of stress to your components, including your brake system. When you accelerate very quickly, your brakes will also need to put a lot of force to counter the momentum. Driving smoothly eliminates that. When there is less movement to counter, less friction will be required of the brake components.

  • Clean and service your brakes regularly.

As you drive your car, your brake components also accumulate dust and particles. To keep them from functioning properly, they deserve regular cleaning and servicing. This prevents any build-ups inside from hindering the proper function of the brakes.

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  • Signs to Know that Something is Wrong with Your Ford Fusion Brake Disc and Pad Kit

    Getting a relatively new vehicle like the Ford Fusion is like getting acquainted with a new kid on the block again. You know that it is going to be fun yet you still try to get a feel of what it is capable of doing for you. And as time passes, you learn to adjust and love your car. It has slowly become an extension of your personality. It accelerates the way you want it to, clips the turns with finesse, and comes down to a stop on time. But as time goes on, every component on your car slowly wears down. This phenomenon does not leave your Ford Fusion brake disc and pad kit too. While you have been continually benefitting from the precise braking capability of your components, it can begin failing you once symptoms have slowly begun manifesting. So how do you keep a track of these red flags? Here are some signs:

    You will hear a high-pitched squeal emanating from your brake components.

    A healthy and relatively new brake component should be able to work with precision and with minimal noise. It also means that the brake pads are still relatively thick and is very capable to be used. However, as it thins out, it exposes the layer underneath the pad. This is the one that causes a high-pitched squeal when you use your brakes with thinned out pads. It is a clear indication that it is already due for replacement. Don't take this warning for granted as it may cost you your safety.

    Your car steers unexpectedly as you come to a stop.

    The brake disc system is used because you want a precise stopping response for your car. However, when your car reacts differently from usual, say it steers away from the direction you are going, it could possibly mean that the caliper and disc are stuck together. On one side of your vehicle, more friction is being applied causing the uneven brake response.