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Ford Fusion Bumper Cover

How to Keep Your Ford Fusion Bumper Cover in Top Condition

One of the first things that people notice in your car is the bumper cover. Aside from literally being the first part to catch attention due to its position in the vehicle, it's also your first line of defense during a front-end collision. So to keep your Ford Fusion bumper cover sturdy enough to protect you, simply form a habit of doing the following maintenance steps:

  • Spray adhesion promoters on the bumper cover.

If you notice peeling on the bumper cover of your newly-bought car, then it's probably due to an adhesion problem. This can easily be solved using an adhesion promoter. Formulated from a mixture of chlorinated polyolefin (CPO) and conducive resins, the adhesive promoter makes the surface of the bumper cover more conducive to paint. This way, the paint can stick better to the bumper cover and peeling can be prevented. Take note that you have to scrutinize the paint manufacturer's specifications when applying coatings, such as paint or primer, to the bumper cover.

  • Repair scratches or gouges as soon as you spot them.

A small scratch can turn into a huge mess if you don't take care of it immediately. Depending on the severity of the scratch, there are various fixes you can apply to make your bumper cover look new again. If it's just a minor scratch, then no sanding is needed to repaint the bumper. However, if the scratch is deep enough to have removed the paint and plastic, then you might need to get a bumper repair kit to fix it. What's important is that you get rid of the scratches as soon as possible.

  • Attach bumper protectors to keep off minor scratches and dents.

Getting an aftermarket bumper protector adds up to your vehicle's protection. It boosts the durability of the bumper cover by adding an extra layer of padding so that your bumper is safe during parking and when driving in narrow spaces. You can install a bumper protector that compliments the overall style of your vehicle. Just be sure to pick one that snuggly fits into your car's bumper cover.

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  • Three Smart Tips on Installing a Ford Fusion Bumper Cover

    When the inevitable happens and you need to have your Ford Fusion bumper cover replaced, doing the installation yourself saves you a lot of money compared to bringing your car to an auto body repair shop. You just need to have an idea on what tools to be used and prepare them beforehand, and you'll be a step closer to that hassle-free installation you're aiming for. There are lots of ways you can install a bumper cover seamlessly. Here are four tips you should try:

    Tip #1: Clear off dust and debris by washing the bumper first.

    Clean the bumper's surface by washing it with soap and water. For better results, you can also use aftermarket cleaners that are guaranteed safe and will not harm your bumper's paint. Removing dirt makes way for the cover to stick properly on the bumper. Take note that you should allow the bumper to dry before putting the bumper cover into place.

    Tip #2: Prep the bumper cover at the onset of the installation.

    After purchasing the right bumper cover for your vehicle, you may need to take a closer look at the part. Sometimes, the bumper comes coated with black primer already. However, there are bumper covers that tend to have rough edges and other imperfections. What you should do is to wet-sand the bumper with 600-grit sandpaper. You may opt to apply wax and grease after drying the bumper cover to make it smooth. Remember that the bumper cover is going to rest on your car's façade so you need to install it correctly.

    Tip #3: Gather the tools and equipment you may need.

    Get hold of the tools that you will be using for the installation. Among the things you may need include a Philips screwdriver, a ratchet, and a socket set. Other tools may come in handy depending on the bumper cover model that you bought. Collecting these tools before starting the procedure saves you time and effort. Imagine being in the middle of the installation, and you notice that the ratchet and socket set are not within your reach. You will then have to pause the installation and look for the said tools. If it's more convenient for you, have someone assist you during the installation so you won't have to stop the procedure to get the tools yourself.