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Ford Fusion Window Visor

How to Maintain the Ford Fusion Window Visor: Helpful Tips You Can Use

Window visors, like many car accessories for the Ford Fusion, are designed to work with minimal human interaction, but they do require proper care and maintenance every once in a while. Window visors can quickly succumb to wear due to constant exposure to damaging elements, resulting in cracked, brittle blades that are unsightly to look at. So if you want to keep your car's window visors for longer, make sure that they are maintained on a regular basis.

Maintaining the Ford Fusion window visor is not as difficult as it seems, as the processes are similar with those for your car's body panels. Below are some key tips to follow in maintaining these accessories:

  • Wash the visors by hand.

While drive-through car wash can clean the window visors of dirt and stains, doing it by hand allows for a more thorough cleaning. Using car shampoo and warm water, scrub the visors with a soft sponge or a wash mitt. Do not use brushes or cleaning agents with harsh chemicals as these can cause scratches or fading on the visor surface. Rinse well with water and wipe dry.

  • Finish with wax.

When applying car wax to your vehicle, consider including the visors as well. Opaque or painted window visors can benefit from car wax, as it can leave a protective layer on the visor surface that shields it from harmful UV rays as well as dust and stains. It can even minimize the appearance of existing scratches.

  • Take note of any loose ends.

Loose or sagging window visors can create rattling noises while driving; they also prevent the windows from closing properly. If the window visor has an adhesive backing, replace the adhesive strip with a new set. For in-channel type visors, realign them and push the lip deep into the channel. Be careful not to exert too much force, however, as you might accidentally snap the visor in two.

  • For new window visors, leave the windows closed overnight.

If your window visors are brand new, leave the window glass closed for at least 12 hours straight after installation. Doing so will help the visor stick properly into the edge or channel of the window.

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  • How to Troubleshoot the Ford Fusion Window Visor: Fixes for Three Common Problems

    The window visors for the Ford Fusion are designed to be installed onto the windows with minimum effort, so problems with these accessories are quite rare. However, they do happen, and if you encounter problems with the visors in your sedan, they can be quite a headache to fix. Most problems with the Ford Fusion window visor can be fixed, provided that they are diagnosed and dealt with appropriately. Here are some common problems with window visors, and how you can troubleshoot them:

    Rattling noises

    If you hear the visors rattling while driving, it means the blade is loose enough that it hits the window frame of your vehicle. If the visor is tape-on type, check the adhesive backing for any loose ends and re-affix or replace them with new backing as necessary. But if it is an in-channel visor, try to realign or push the visor deep into the channel. Keep in mind that if the visor is not secured properly, it will block the window glass from closing fully or even fall out of the window while driving.

    The visor is preventing the window from closing properly

    The window visor is designed not to obstruct the window glass from closing, so when this happens, it's very likely that the window visor is mounted incorrectly. Check the alignment of the visor; if it is out of place, slide it to its proper position and try closing the window again. You can sandwich the window between your hands while pushing upward to help it reach the top of the frame. Once it is closed, leave the window at that position for 12 hours.

    The adhesive backing is not sticking onto the surface

    The adhesive tape securing the window visors needs a clean surface to stick on. So when it refuses to stick into your vehicle's window frame, it's likely that the surface is dirty or greasy. Clean the window's top edges with car shampoo, rinse, and wipe dry with a clean rag. We also recommend wiping the surface with an alcohol swab to remove any wax or grease that might prevent the visor from adhering properly.