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Ford Galaxie 500 Carpet Kit

A Few Easy Tips to Lengthen the Life of Your Ford Galaxie 500 Carpet Kit

Maintaining your Ford Galaxie 500 carpet kit is important if you want your interior to look neat and new. Don't make the mistake of ignoring your carpet kit until it becomes torn, frayed, and stained. Give your best in its upkeep and you'll surely have less carpet-related problems in the future. Check out some of the following tips to help you make your carpet kit last longer and look better:

  • Exert some extra time and effort in vacuuming your carpet kit.

Dust and dirt are just parts of your carpet kit's existence. Accumulation of filth is basically inevitable considering the number of times that you step on your carpet kit throughout its entire service life. One of the easiest things you can do to keep this from affecting the looks of your car's interior is to vacuum dirt, dust, and small debris off the carpet kit before they become too tough to remove. For better results, brush the carpet before vacuuming it to loosen up stuck dirt. Portable vacuums are also much better for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

  • Remove stains before they deeply settle into its weaves.

Anyone would probably agree that a stained carpet is undoubtedly ugly. Unfortunately, it doesn't really take a lot to get yours stained, almost any spilled liquid may result to this. If you recently got something on your carpet kit that may eventually result to staining, remove it as soon as possible before it settles in between its weaves. A high-quality and affordable carpet cleaner should be enough to get the job done. If you're not a fan of chemical cleaning agents, you may also look at your cupboard for natural cleaning alternatives. You can make use of white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, or salt to get rid of tough stains and bad odors.

  • Tend to damage as soon as you can.

Your Ford Galaxie 500 carpet kit will eventually get ripped or frayed after some time. It's important that you fix this problem the moment that you see it occur in order to keep the rest of the carpet kit from getting damaged as well. Put the loose fibers back together using a seam sealer or a glue gun.

Ford Galaxie 500 Carpet Kit Available Years

  • Ford Galaxie 500 Carpet Kit Installation: A Few Useful and Easy Tips to Keep in Mind

    Your Ford Galaxie 500 carpet kit isn't just there to cover up the metal flooring of your car and make its interior look good. Did you know that it's also useful in providing optimum ride comfort? Keep in mind that when your vehicle's engine is on, it produces high amounts of temperature and noise. Without the carpet kit, all that engine heat and uproar will penetrate your interior.

    The carpeting of your vehicle will eventually reach the end of its service life. Sometimes the only choice you have left is to replace the entire carpet because it's been damaged beyond repair. It's a good thing that there's no need to shell out extra bucks just to get a professional install a new carpet kit for you. Simply take note of the following tips to make the installation process easier:

    Tip #1: Remove all interior components first.

    Before you can begin setting up your new carpet, you need to detach some of your car's interior components first. This will make it possible for you to remove the old carpet kit and attach the new one without any hindrances. Some of the parts you need to remove include the front and back seats, consoles, trim panels, and seat belt anchors. You'll only need basic hand tools to accomplish this task, do this carefully to prevent damaging any component.

    Tip #2: Pull off the old carpet and use it as a template.

    Pulling off the old carpet kit from your vehicle's floor is a piece of cake, especially if you've ensured that all components that may obstruct it are out of the way. Although your old carpet kit is decrepit and you feel like it belongs to the trash, you should still remove it carefully because you can still use it as a template to mark the areas that you need to cut out and trim. Ensure all measurements are correct before cutting the new one up.

    Tip #3: Unfold the new carpet kit and let it sit under the sun for a few minutes.

    If you want to make your carpet kit installation a lot more hassle-free, then you should take it out of its packaging a few hours before you set it up. Let it regain its original shape and then lay it under the heat of the sun. This will make it pliable and therefore, easier to work with.