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Ford Galaxie Weatherstrip

Top Ford Galaxie Weatherstrip Problems and the Reasons behind Them

Did you know that stripping is actually good for your health? If you are also thinking of your Ford Galaxie's weather stripping, then yes, you read that one right. A Ford Galaxie weatherstrip in excellent condition will help keep all forms of precipitation and pollutants, which are really bad for your respiratory health, from entering your vehicle's cabin. However, old age and other factors can cause the weatherstrip to develop problems. Here are some of them:


If water from the rain or car wash starts to enter your vehicle even when the doors and windows are closed, this may be a sign that your Ford Galaxie weatherstrip is already damaged. Most vehicles, including your Ford Galaxie, use weatherstrips that are made from rubber or plastic. Although these materials are expected to last, their frequent exposure to varying temperatures and harsh driving conditions makes them prone to premature wear and tear. Rubber weatherstrips, in particular, tend to crack when subjected to extremely high and low temperatures. In some cases, broken weather stripping can still be repaired through chemical reinforcements. But if the damage can no longer be solved by sealing agents and epoxies, immediate replacement is necessary.


Many Ford Galaxie owners complain about the flapping and tapping noises they hear everytime they drive in higher speeds. If your Ford Galaxie is also having this problem, your vehicle's weatherstrip is probably in trouble. Usually, these weatherstrips are attached to your vehicle using automotive adhesives or tapes. After some time, these adhesives tend to lose their sticking abilities. When the adhesiveness of these tapes disappears, chances are high that your vehicle's weatherstrips will partially or totally fall off from the window and door panels. The annoying noises that you hear are actually caused by the loose weatherstrip's flapping against your Ford Galaxie's doors and/or windows. This problem can still be solved by putting new automotive adhesives on your Ford Galaxie weatherstrip. However, if the weather stripping has already been damaged due to excessive flapping, you have no other option but to replace it with a new one.

Damaged car windows

Securing the windows and the windshield in place is one of the weather stripping's many tasks. So when they become damaged or go missing, it is possible for the windows and the windshield to develop irreparable cracks. To prevent this dangerous thing from happening, you need to regularly check the condition of your vehicle's weatherstrip. If you see any sign of damage, repair or replace them immediately.

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  • Keeping Your Ford Galaxie Weatherstrip in Tiptop Shape

    The moment you step out of your house and get inside your Ford Galaxie, your vehicle instantly becomes your second home. Because of this, your road surfer is expected to shelter you from the storm and protect you from the scorching heat of the sun. This is what your Ford Galaxie weatherstrip is for. It reinforces the protection given to you by your vehicle's windows and door panels by keeping your Ford vehicle's interior weather-proof. Since it is THAT important, you need to keep the weatherstrip in excellent condition. To do this, just follow these useful tips:

    Clean and polish the weatherstrip.

    Dirt can cause your Ford Galaxie's door to stick into the rubber seal of the weather stripping. When this happens, your vehicle's door will be very difficult to open, especially during winter. Aside from this, dust and other debris can also damage the part where the weatherstrip is attached. Rust accumulation and corrosion, which result from these contaminants, will surely make it difficult for the weather stripping to attach to door panels and windshield mount. To prevent all these from happening, you must clean your Ford Galaxie weatherstrip regularly. You can use a clean and soft cloth soaked in a warm soap-and-water solution to wipe away grime from your vehicle's weather stripping. For best results, experts also recommend polishing the weatherstrip with reinforcements like rubber or silicone protectant. This usually comes in a spray can, which can be easily bought from your favorite hardware or car accessories store.

    Always check for damage.

    Many factors contribute to the rapid wear and tear of your Ford vehicle's weatherstrip. One of the most common reasons for its failure is its constant exposure to different temperatures. Extreme heat from the sun during summer as well as the freezing temperature during winter can cause the rubber or silicone material of the weather stripping to become brittle. When this happens, chances are high that it will develop cracks, which can no longer be repaired. This will then result in water and pollutant leaks that can damage your vehicle's interior and your own health. To prevent this from happening, you need to check your vehicle's weatherstrip for damage. As soon as you see any sign of wear, repair it immediately if possible. You may also want to check the adhesives that attach the weatherstrip to the vehicle. If they are already deteriorating or disappearing, replace them right away.

    Replace it if necessary.

    If the damage on your Ford Galaxie weatherstrip is beyond repair, do not think twice about replacing it with a new one. In looking for a replacement weather stripping, you are encouraged to buy the custom-fit units instead of the generic or universal-fit types. Purchasing a weatherstrip that is specific to your vehicle make and model will guarantee a perfect fit and easy installation. Although a custom-fit weatherstrip is sometimes more expensive than the generic replacements, at least you can be sure that it will last for a long time.