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Ford Headers

If you like a quick response and great performance when you step on the gas pedal, Ford headers can help. Replacing the stock exhaust manifold with a set of Ford headers can make a big difference in the power and performance of your vehicle. Ford headers give your vehicle a boost of power by providing a more efficient flow of exhaust gasses away from the engine cylinders. The standard exhaust manifold system can tend to produce backpressure in the engine, allowing the pressure of the exhaust gasses to build in the manifold rather than whisking them away to the exhaust system, robbing the engine of power. The exhaust manifold collects the burst of exhaust from each engine cylinder into one common area, with the flow from each cylinder having to fight against the flow from its neighboring cylinder to make its way out to the exhaust cylinder. Ford headers allow each exhaust cylinder its own little exhaust pipe, allowing the exhaust gasses from each to flow freely away from the engine without interference from the other cylinders. This more efficient flow of exhaust eliminates the problem of backpressure from the system, allowing the engine to produce more power. This simple and effective method gives your vehicle a significant improvement in power and performance, quite noticeable when you step on the gas pedal. Ford headers are quite easy to install, bolting right on to the factory mountings that are now occupied by the exhaust manifold. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality Ford headers at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Ford headers quick and easy or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.