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Ford Mustang Brake Disc and Pad Kit

Safeguard Your Ford Mustang Brake Disc and Pad Kit with These Tips

Your stylish and powerful Ford Mustang can definitely amaze anyone with its astounding torque and unique roar. But no matter how strong and elegant your ride is, it's still susceptible to getting damaged when its parts start to break down. Make sure that you keep your Ford Mustang brake disc and pad kit in excellent condition by doing the following tips:

  • Wipe the disc with isopropyl alcohol.

Whenever you're performing an overall maintenance on your vehicle, it's a must that you deal with the brake disc and pads as well. You only need to allot a few minutes of your time to clean the brake pads. Grab a clean rag and wipe some isopropyl alcohol on the brake disc's surface, focusing on the flanges.

The alcohol eliminates dirt and grime that have covered the brake disc and pads. Make sure you wipe the entire surface, and dry the brake disc thoroughly. Alternatively, you can also apply some brake cleaner on the disc to keep corrosion away. This gives you a break from having to scrub off rust from the disc frequently. You also won't have to worry about replacing the disc due to corrosion anytime soon.

  • Use the hand brakes for slow speeds.

Though it's normal for any car part to get worn out over time, you can still delay the deterioration by taking care of these components. Your Ford Mustang brake disc and pad kit won't wear out that fast if you could use the hand brakes to stop your car.

If you're running at a low speed, then you can stop your vehicle using the hand brake instead of the brake pedal. Just be careful when using it, as the hand brake may lock up your rear tires.

  • Refrain from putting heavy loads in your car.

The heavier the load you put in your vehicle, the more pressure it is for your brakes to halt the car. Avoid bringing heavy loads if you want to prolong the lifespan of your brake disc and pads. In addition, too much weight can also burden other related components like the shock absorbers and struts.

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  • Hints That Indicate a Deteriorated Ford Mustang Brake Disc and Pad Kit

    Stopping your car requires having properly installed brake disc and pads. These components are built to resist considerable amounts of friction produced when stepping on the brake pedal. However, even the sturdiest car parts are vulnerable to damage over time. Identifying a busted Ford Mustang brake disc and pad kit can be quick and simple if you use these signs for reference:

    You discover scores and groove marks upon inspection.

    Regular maintenance of your car involves examining the condition of each and every component, including the brakes. Upon inspection, look for signs of brake wear such as grooves on the surface of the brake disc. You may also discover cracks on the disc's flanges if the disc had been subjected to extreme pressure.

    Scoring on the brake disc could mean that the piston pokes into the brake calliper. It usually occurs when the piston doesn't disengage when you lift your foot from the brake pedal.

    There's a noticeable ratting noise when you brake.

    If you have ceramic brake pads, then you would most likely have fewer troubles related to brake noises. This is primarily because this type of brake pads is equipped with shims that reduce the chance for rattling or squealing noises to occur.

    Over time, even ceramic brake pads can wear out, leading to rattling noises when you step on the pedal. This could be due to a lot of reasons, but most of the time, it's the brake pad material that's causing the trouble. When the material on the brake pads had already thinned down, the metal backing of the pads can have direct contact with the disc or caliper, creating the rattling sounds.

    The brake pedal pulsates when you apply the brakes.

    Pulsations in the brake pedal as you apply the brakes could indicate that the brake pads have either warped due to extreme heat, or the pad material has already worn out. Regardless of the cause, the pulsation you would feel is similar to a steady grabbing when you depress the pedal. Once you start to notice these vibrations, it's best that you have your Ford Mustang brake disc and pad kit checked immediately.