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Ford Mustang Fender

Caring for your Ford Mustang's Fender

The fender frames the wheels of your car. Aside from being the first line of defense during minor bumps or other accidents, the fender is also a key player in beautifying your ride. Also, the fender is one of the most modified parts in a vehicle; many custom-fit enthusiasts prefer altering this component because it is a fast, cheap, and easy way to achieve a strong visual appeal. To help you with the maintenance of your fender, we listed a few tips:

  • Avoid fender benders.
  • The first step in taking care of your fender is to avoid getting yourself in any sort of accident. Yes, a fender bender might be minor, but it entitles your ride to some dents and scratches. You wouldn't want that on your picture-perfect car, would you? As stated earlier, the fender is your vehicle's first line of defense. Part of its major job description is to catch the first assaults of road abuse. So, save your car-and yourself-the hassle; if you can avoid driving fast in the dark, or on rough roads, avoid it. If it is inevitable, then, drive as carefully as you can.

  • Coat it with primer.
  • Automotive manufacturers and car parts resellers share a common trade secret: if it cannot be repaired by primer, nothing else can. Having said this, you must grasp how important a primer is. Not only does it help automotive paint to adhere to the car part, it also gives the component added protection against corrosion and weather abuse. Needless to say, it will really help if, from time to time, you coat your fender with primer and repaint it. Several coats will build up over time, and will provide your Ford Mustang fender the level of protection it deserves.

  • Use a car cover.
  • By now, you probably know that changing weather conditions affect your car, especially its exterior parts. It will really help if you avoid leaving your car outside during nighttime, where it is helpless against drizzles, dry winds, or humidity. If it is unavoidable, car covers are there to save the day.

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