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Ford Power Steering Pump

Your Ford power steering pump is powered by hydraulic pressure derived from the energy generated by your Ford engine. When you turn the key in your ignition and your engine turns on, the belt on the crankshaft pulley activates a piston that is pushed into the Ford power steering pump. The Ford power steering pump functions by accumulating all of this inertia and then using this hydraulic pressure to smoothly guide your steering system components. Over time, the hydraulic pressure managed within your Ford power steering pump can break the pump's rubber seals. This will lead to power steering fluid leakage and cause the steering of your vehicle to become rigid. If you feel like you're engaging in a serious muscular workout when you turn a corner in your Ford, this is a pretty good indication that you are in need of a Ford power steering pump replacement. Our online catalogue is stocked with Ford parts and accessories, including the Ford power steering pump. You can search our site by make, model and year for the right Ford power steering pump for your vehicle, and place your order on our encrypted ordering site, day or night, all within a few minutes. We also have a toll-free customer service number that is staffed by our helpful assistants who, in addition to taking your order, will be glad to help you locate the Ford power steering pump best for your vehicle, if you need a little help in making your selection. By offering you a quality Ford power steering pump replacement at a reasonable price and offering free shipping on all orders of $50 or more, we aim to be the last stop in your automotive parts and accessories search.