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Ford Ranger Dash Cover

Make Your Ford Ranger Dash Cover Last Long with These Tips

The Ford Ranger is probably one of the smallest among the bunch in the Blue Oval's truck line-up. Nevertheless, the small beast of burden gives you just the right amount of performance to accomplish the tasks at hand. Now, we move in to the cab. Despite its compact design, you can still manage to be comfortable in it. The dashboard is a simple, no-frills panel that complements the entire idea of the truck's purpose. But over time, exposure to heat, moisture, oils, and other elements can cause significant wear and tear on the entire panel. You can help prevent that from happening with the Ford Ranger dash cover. This extra layer of protection shields your dashboard from destructive elements, as well as dust and other particles. Besides, it can also add a little bit of aesthetic touch. So here are some ways on how you can repay the service of the dash cover.

  • Get rid of the dust sticking on the cover using a vacuum cleaner.

As you go in and out of your Ford Ranger, particles can end up on the panels of your interior. At first, you will not notice it. But as it accumulates, things begin to look untidy and nasty. Some of them might even end up causing stains if moisture decides to tag along. It is going to be a recipe for aesthetic disaster. So you should grab a vacuum cleaner and use it to eliminate the dirt pile-up on the surface. Brush the vacuum cleaner nozzle back and forth on the cover gently. Try to reach as much area as possible to reduce any build-up.

  • Remove surface stains by using the recommended detergent or detailing solution.

Over time, the surface of the dash cover can develop stains. Apply the correct detergent or detailing solution to remove the stains and make your cover look brand new again.

  • Go over your adhesives and check if they are still holding up. Replace if needed.

The dash cover relies on adhesives. But fluctuating temperatures can reduce its effectiveness. Keep a regular check on them and replace the faulty ones. This will ensure that the cover remains intact on your dash.

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  • What to Do When It’s Time to Replace Your Old Ford Ranger Dash Cover

    A beast of burden like the Ford Ranger is a trustworthy piece of machine. That makes you use it over and over again for heavy work like hauling parts and transporting equipment all the way to the more leisurely activities like bringing in the groceries. While you load this stuff on the bed, your cabin is also pulling in unwanted load. As you open and close the doors, you unknowingly invite dust and other particles. Some of them end up on your dashboard. Now, combine them with other elements and the ever-changing temperature inside the cab, your Ford Ranger dash cover eventually wears out and fade. This is a natural phase that the accessory has to go through. However, when it reaches the point of no return, the cover will look so bad and worn out that you inevitably have to replace it. When that time comes, you should be ready to take the chance and install a new one. This will definitely revitalize the look of your interior. So here are some things to do when you it is already time to do the replacement.

    Tip #1: Determine how bad the current dash cover has gotten into.

    Let's make sure in the beginning that the state of the current dash cover is beyond rehabilitation. You should be able to spot fading, wrinkles, and skewed areas. Check what's underneath as well. You would also want to see the condition of the adhesives and the dash itself.

    Tip #2: Carefully remove the current dash cover and clean the surface left behind.

    You should carefully remove the current dash cover. Do it gently to avoid any possibilities of scratching or damaging your dashboard. Watch out for the adhesives! Peeling them away very rapidly can compromise the surface of your panel. After successfully removing everything, clean your dashboard thoroughly. Wipe it well to remove the dust and adhesive residue.

    Tip #3: Fit the material of the new dash cover and make adjustments if necessary.

    Once everything is cleared and ready to go, prepare the new layer of dash cover. Carefully lay it out over the panel and check if there are any adjustments needed. After that, replace it again this time with the adhesives already.