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Ford Ranger Fender Flares

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Ford Ranger Fender Flares in Good Shape

Just imagine the thrill of off-road driving! It will be better if you do not have to worry about the protection of your vehicle. Your Ford Ranger fender flares are just some of the exterior parts that will surely contribute as the protective gears of your ride. Encountering rocks, road debris, and other elements are surely inevitable. But with the help of your fender flares, your ride can enhance its defense! So to extend the life of your Ford Ranger fender flares, here are some tips to remember:

  • Use suitable tools and substances in cleaning your fender flares to avoid any abrasions.

Because the appearance of your fender flares are noticeable as part of your vehicle's exterior, you must always make sure that they are clean. For this matter, you can wash them with a mixture of mild car soap and clean water. The mixture is surely safe for your fender flares, so you do not need to worry about acquiring damage. Moreover, a smooth microfiber towel can help to eliminate dirt and other particles that settled on your fender flares while washing them. It has a very gentle texture, and it is a good absorber of moisture and particles.

  • Apply a protectant that can shield your fender flares from too much heat.

Although washing can make your fender flares dirt-free, it may not be enough to keep their good condition at all times. Hence, you must apply a protectant. Make sure that the type of protectant you will use is suitable to the material of your fender flares. For instance, a tire cleaner can make unpainted fender flares to look polished. On the other hand, a car wax can be of great help to painted ones. These protectants will enable to shield your fender flares form fading because of the harmful rays of the sun while keeping their sleek appearance.

  • Have a regular routine of inspecting your fender flares to be informed of possible damage.

The simplest and easiest measure on how you can ensure that your fender flares are in good condition is by checking them regularly. If you see any cracks, or if you notice that they are becoming brittle, then it may be the right time to replace them. Keep in mind that your fender flares must always be well-maintained to avoid any wheel problems on the road. Hence, a quick inspection is the solution.

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  • Simple Tips for a Successful Installation of Your New Ford Ranger Fender Flares

    "It's okay to have a little scratch on my vehicle," said no car enthusiast ever. Even little accessories or add-ons in your vehicle can give protection especially if you are a fan of off-road driving. One of these is your Ford Ranger fender flares. Attached on the wheel well, your fender flares deflect dirt and other road elements from damaging the side of the vehicle they give protection to. However, they can also look faded over time. So if you want new ones, here are some tips that can help you get the job done:

    Tip #1: Clean the mounting area first to ensure a secure installation.

    Keep in mind that dirt and other particles can hinder the proper installation of your new fender flares. So to get rid of them, you must clean and wash up the mounting area. A mixture of mild car soap and clean water can be very helpful for this matter, as the mixture would not cause any abrasion. You can also make use of a smooth microfiber towel to easily reach out and wipe the inner gaps with accumulated dirt.

    Tip #2: Place the fender flares to their proper side in your vehicle by checking their labels.

    You must check the labels of the fender flares before attaching them, so you can be sure that they will be placed on the correct side of your vehicle. Keep in mind that the base part of your fender flares must be aligned with the fender's bottom part, and the front part must be aligned with the front bumper. Likewise, its inner edge must be bonded with the frame of the wheel well. Hence, it is important to place them over their mounting area for you to be sure that they are compatible to your vehicle before installing them securely.

    Tip #3: Do not make any changes with your fender flares to prevent any damage.

    You can drill additional holes for the bolts of your new fender flare, just in case your vehicle does not have enough bolt holes. However, you must not drill the fender flares themselves, nor make alterations in any forms. This is because your new fender flares may be damaged even before attaching them to your vehicle.